Sure, I’ve got a page with the answers to my FAQ, but I thought maybe I’d take it to the next level. What do you want to know? You can ask me whatever you want, and here’s the best part: you can ask anonymously. Use the Poll Junkie forum and I won’t know who asked it. I’m fully expecting inappropriate nonsense, but honestly, you can ask whatever you want.

Your questions can be about my blog, creativity, or Baltimore. You can ask for advice. You can ask me how many girls I’ve kissed, what size my boobs are, or illegal things I’ve done. I really don’t care. I’m going to do a Q&A post complete with video footage, but it can’t happen without your questions! So… what do you wanna know!

PS – I’m pretty sure you can only “take” the poll once. So you’re free to write as many questions as you want in the box, but you have to do it all at once if you want to do it anonymously. You’re also welcome to add things in the comments!