Life is pretty stellar. Going to PDF last week kind of changed everything, and I feel so new, refreshed, and excited to bring more to life. This month has a lot going on, as always. First of all, my birthday coincides with the first day of Summer! I also celebrate a lot of my close friends’ birthdays in June.

Happy June! | Uncustomary Art
There’s a lot to do, but all I really want to do is wear teal lipstick!

This month is also LGBT Pride Month and Rebuild Your Life Month! I feel like it’s such a great time to practice kindness, exhibit love (and tolerance if that’s where you need to start!), and take some time to work on yourself. There’s tons of unusual holidays to look forward to over the next four weeks, as well, including Bike Naked Day on the 13th and Celebration Of The Senses Day on the 24th. You can also participate in Baltimore’s Love Lock, even if you’re not local!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd, today is Bug’s birthday! He turns 5 today!

Happy June! | Uncustomary Art

My top ten things about May:  Baltimore’s Bubble Parade  My first burn at PDF  Post Secret/ALI art event at AVAM  Meeting Bixby the puppy  Black Tie Bowling  Coven Love  Continually falling more in love with Joe each day  Chicken Dance Day  Publishing our Mail Art book  Yearly Mermaid Ritual

My Photobooth Goal is going strong!

Happy June! | Uncustomary Art

And there is indeed a giveaway today. Want to win $150 to Nordstrom? Perfect! I’ve got the opportunity for you to do so just below.

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Lot 48 // Alanna & Company //  Seeking Sunshine


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Okay your turn! What are you looking forward to in June? I hope your month is full of pleasant sunshine, new experiences, and tasty flavored ice mixed with custard!