I recently thanked you guys for your patience in waiting for the book I promised you as a result of Erika and my mail art show we held at The World Trade Center in Baltimore called “What’s Your View?” We had over 200 submissions from 19 countries and 25 of the states. The show was a huge success, but like the set-up and installation, the creation of the book was a lot of hard work! I apologize again for the tardiness for its publishing.

What's Your View? Mail Art Show Book | Uncustomary Art

The good news is, it’s ready! The book has been sent to print, and you can start placing your orders now! The book is a paperback, and 55 pages long. It features all of the artists, as well as some photos from the show opening and other information.

You can get this book for $5, whether you were a participant or not. Domestic shipping is $1.50 and International shipping $3.50

Whats My Total?

US = $6.50
International = $8.50

If you would like to place an order, please do the following:

+ Send your appropriate amount (see above) via PayPal to maryhassound@yahoo.com (if you can, send it as “friends/family” so there’s no fees for you or myself)
+ In the memo please include your full shipping address
+ If you were a participant in the show, please make note of that in the memo as well (include a pen name if you used one so I know who to cross off)

Participants will have until June 1st to order a book. If you were a participant and choose not to order a book, on June 1st, I will send out the free (lower quality) booklets I promised you. If you can buy the book, though, please do. We put a lot of work into the book, and even though we’re barely making anything off their sales, it would help us out for continuity, etc.

The books are on their way to me, and should be here around May 20th-ish. Please understand that means that your package can’t go out till I get them in my hands. I will get them out to you as soon as possible, though, I promise!

The mail art show also had an interactive element to it, where show-go-ers were able to sit down and make their own postcards. 455 postcards were made, and of those 312 were correctly addressed. This means that today I am sending out 312 postcards via the USPS, and I’m so excited for them to arrive in their recipient’s mailboxes.

What's Your View? Mail Art Show Book | Uncustomary Art
Erika and I ready to send out your cards!

Going through the postcards was sincerely wonderful. I kind of felt like Frank Warren of Post Secret, reading the love letters, confessions, and “wish you were here” messages on the back of the drawings, collages, and other art the visitors of The World Trade Center got. I think it will especially be nice for people all over the country to get nice messages from Baltimore, in light of the recent events.

What's Your View? Mail Art Show Book | Uncustomary Art

I hope you’ll get yourself a book! I can’t wait to sign it for you.