My wonderful friend, April, usually has a Christmas party that would put any other party you’ve been to feel like amateur hour.

This year, she not only wasn’t able to go forward with her own amazing business idea, but we obviously couldn’t have a party.

Right before Christmas, she surprised us, by telling us she had worked on something in her backyard.

She worked tirelessly, and she had a bunch of friends contribute funds to cover the costs of supplies.

But mostly, she used what she had and her own vision to create a safe space where one party at a time could walk through, and experience each room in a private, safe way.

It was incredible.

Everything was safe, and I cried the first time I went through. You can see it in the video.

It made me remember that there is so much magic in this world.
And it’s inside of PEOPLE.

It was really fun to walk through a second time to document with her kid, who I call “Gizmo”.

April is the friend that I’m not sure I deserve, but I desperately crave and am endlessly grateful for.

And even when an actual sleet and snow storm comes in to wash this entire thing away, she will still build it back up (which it did and she did).

Thanks to April for always making Christmas and life a magical place to be.

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