Snail Mail

Mary’s Mailings

Mail is wonderful, and I’m sorry it’s been so long since I shared what’s been in and out of my mailbox. But I want to thank you for all the beautiful missives, especially how considerate it was that so many of you remembered my birthday. Tomorrow I’m headed to DC to work on some mail […]

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Guest Post: Mim 4 Art

I’ve had the privilege of meeting many wonderful and talented people through the mail art community, and Mim is one of them. I’ve asked her some questions for you to get to know her better. You should check her out and send her mail! 1) You have participated in the Mail Art 365 project a few times […]

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How To Find Penpals

I get messages every week asking me how to find penpals, so I figured I would do my best to answer the question in a blog post that everyone can see. First of all, understand that this is not an overnight process. I’ve always been interested in mail, but I didn’t really thrust myself into […]

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