The last Monday Mailings post of 2013! I’m going to continue posting about mail two Mondays a month next year, though, don’t worry. I hope this has been a very happy mail year for you, and that you continue to send snail mail in 2014! Remember that you have to send mail to get mail.


Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful holiday cards! They’re all taped up on my closet. And check out that awesome green envelope from Laura in Canada!

More Christmas cards, mail art from a new penpal, and a fun rhino postcard

I’ve finally received all 12 of the “12 Days Of Holiday Bullshit” promotion from Cards Against Humanity. It was a really fun experience. I paid $12 and received 12 envelopes. Many of them were additional cards for the game (if you’ve never played, it’s like adult Apples To Apples), including one with my own name on it! But there was also coal, a sex game, and comics. They even donated $1 in my name to charity. If they do this again next year, I definitely recommend it!

You can see how the glitter could not be contained from Jaclyn’s package. She sent me a cute owl puppet, notebook, and Nerds flavored lip balm. Janice sent me some fancy shoelaces, and that sweet box from Allison had glitter, Christmas figurines, and more treasures inside it.

I’m obviously obsessed with the mermaid envelope from Bonnie Jeanne. The other side of that metallic holiday envelope had a wonderful address.

Whoa! Giant Spongebob!

Here’s a close up of the wax seal from Athanasia in Greece

Tons of Christmas cards! From local friends, blog viewers, my great aunt, and long time penpals.

Emily sent me lots of goodies from a convention she was recently at, and the most beautiful postcard from Nicole in MA!

Mail from The Dainty Squid, featuring a picture of one her cute cats (I received the 4th one from the top). The square red envelope is from Michelle, who included some washi tape that has the entire lyrics of “Shape Of My Heart” by The Backstreet Boys on it.
(Speaking of Michelle, go “like” her Facebook page for me!)

More beautiful mail, including mermaid and poetry postcards


I sent out 27 New Year’s cards

There were two designs, but inside had the same idea.

Some vintage postcards + a freebie from the Postal Museum

Some actual mail art envelopes! FINALLY

Letters and postcards, you know the drill

What’s been in your mailbox recently?