Happy Monday, my dears! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and that you’ve been sending out more mail than me! I can’t believe how little I’ve sent out in the past two weeks. It’s kind of upsetting. I got very sidetracked with holiday cards, which are really the only thing I have to show for outgoing. There were a few other pieces here and there, but I didn’t even bother to photograph them. But now that I’m done with cards, I can get back to the regular mail extravaganza! Have you noticed a decline in your incoming or outgoing around this time of year?


The wonderful Sara in Switzerland has continued to shower me with beautiful mail, even though I haven’t sent her anything in ages! You are a good penpal, my love. And a shout out to Suzie for a super thick and colorful envelope that was full of temporary tattoos! (Look forward to a full sleeve photo soon.)

I’m starting to get holiday cards! Thanks to people who have sent me them already, like Rob, Nadine, and Amy. The closet is almost full, and soon I’ll have to move onto the door!

Tell me you’re not in love with Cara’s colorful envelope explosion in the top left and I’ll tell you you’re lying.

Three packages: Some wonderful presents from Trine in Norway, delightful goodies from Kimberly‘s trip to Japan, and a handmade surprise from Rebecca (you have to wait for this one!)

In the top row of this picture, you can see the plain white envelope that my Secret Admirer sent me. You can also see my official invitation to the Snail Mail Social I went to on Thursday!

Are you familiar with Adam Kurtz? You better get acquainted! I found him because my friends from high school, Jill and Willie, have the pleasure of being his real life friend.  I was always smitten when I saw their re-blogs on Tumblr, so I started following him myself. He was my inspiration for #98 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list! Anyway, he put out a planner for 2014 with help from Kickstarter, and because his project was over-funded, he was able to include goodies with everyone’s package! Can I suggest that we all send this magical man some happy mail?

Adam J. Kurtz
PO Box 550
Brooklyn, NY 11211


And here are my Winter Cards. I hope they arrive quickly, and that they brighten mailboxes! If you still have a holiday card laying around, don’t forget that you can trade it in for a zine. There’s still time!

What was in your mailbox this week?