Snail Mail Social: Holiday Edition

I mentioned that the Postal Museum in DC is hosting a snail mail social on the second Thursday of every month, and since it’s December, this month’s was holiday themed! Lots of people came, some with their own cards to decorate and some ready to make cards from scratch. No matter why you were there, there were tons of supplies to be shared. Melissa and the Postal Museum are very generous, and if you like mail at all, you’d be overwhelmed!

Tons of paper bits for inserting and decorating, rubber stamps, and what can only be described as washi tape porn. Look at all of it!

Melissa laid out some of the cards she’s sending this year, so we could get some inspiration! I was told mine was among these clump, but I didn’t look closer because I want to be surprised!

There were multiple bins of canceled holiday postage, and a group of people got together to create the 12 Days Of Christmas. Granted, some of the interpretations may have been rather liberal, i.e. Jesus being breastfed for “Maids a milking”

If you thought I wasn’t going to bring Tiiko to all the mail socials, you’re crazy. He’s just as much a part of these socials as envelopes are. Stay tuned for more of Tiiko’s adventures!

(Melissa, Tiiko, Me, & Michelle)

If you’re my friend on Facebook, you may have seen my picture with the Celebrate stamp! This is my favorite stamp of all time, and the original light sign is now hanging in the wing where we meet up. I was thrilled to see it in person, and made a “noooo” sound when the lights got shut off towards the end of the evening. Look at it! It’s so happy!

The photo below, taken by the lovely Kim, really encapsulates my presence at the social: yellow coat, mail/map themed purse, the elf shoes I wore, jingle bell ring, cell phone, and the tip of Tiiko’s horn.

I’m excited to continue attending these events! If you liked this post, you might be interested in these posts: Correspondence Salon and Card Writing Party.