Hey everyone! Today is Mickey Mouse Day, so if you have any Disney stationery hanging around, you might want to send it out today! I’ve been blessed with some extra beautiful mail lately, and I can’t wait to show you!


Speaking of Mickey… look!

Some wonderful mail art postcards

One of which included a word search, which I completed

The letter from Juli that alerted me she was coming to town, that I didn’t read until she was here

Some new penpals, too!

An amazing gift package from Michelle, ordered through Sesame Gifts

Vintage postage and strategic placement of washi tape

Is that mail from Hong Kong?

Why yes! It’s some hot air balloon patches!

I’m obsessed with that freezer card!

Confetti showing through an envelope? <3

The best kind of mail day

Love that camera print!

A postcard I picked up on Friday, after this fortune had already been fulfilled


Finally sending out those Wanderlust postcards I’ve been hoarding

And some of the postcards from the stamp exhibit at the Postal Museum years ago

A child and his gun… what else says Autumn?

Successfully inviting people to the Es Postal Facto Conference!

What’s been in your mailbox lately?