Body Positivity

5 Ways To Say Eff Your Beauty Standards

We’ve come a little ways in the realm of body positivity and I’m proud of us, but there’s an enormous road ahead of us. Just because Tess Holliday landed a major contract and is the first size-22 supermodel doesn’t mean we can put a neat little check mark in the box next to “Body Positivity” […]

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How To Feel Sexy While Fat

Sexy and fat aren’t usually words we use in the same sentence. In general, if you’re fat you’re automatically considered to be unattractive and un-sexy. That is definitely not true, though, and these thoughts come from societal norms and unrealistic standards set by the media that you’re more than likely all too familiar with by now. […]

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Body Shaming Is Bullying

You’ve probably seen Nicole Arbour’s video called “Dear Fat People” which went viral. I’m glad it went viral because people are mad, and for good reason. She rants for six minutes about how much she hates people being fat. She claims fat shaming is “not a thing”, and bullying someone for being fat is actually awesome […]

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Babe, The Only Diet You Need Is A Mirror Diet

You’re watching a TV show, and during the break you see a commercial for hair dye to “hide your greys”. You’re sitting on the subway car, and across from you is a poster plastered on the wall reminding you that you can “lose weight fast” with this pill. You’re scrolling through social media and see […]

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