You Are More Than Pretty | Uncustomary

You’re gorgeous, you know. When I look at you I get entranced by your beauty. Your skin is smooth and you eyes feel like portals. I love how you dress yourself and the way your hair looks in sunlight.

The thing is, you’re more than pretty– and you were meant to be more.

Your appearance makes me feel happy, but what really turns me on is your mind, spirit, and actions. I’m so into the way you’ve overcome adversity despite all the struggles you’ve been dealt. I’m overwhelmed by how your laugh seems to fill the room with warmer air and sparkle, and the way your brain works makes me wish we would never stop talking. I love the way you empathize with people you’ve never met and approach unknown situations with kindness. I wish everyone had your outrageously awful dance moves, and your desire to learn and experience new things is probably the most attractive trait I’ve ever seen on a human being.

I love looking at you, but good glitter you are a hell of a lot more than “pretty”. And the truth is, even if you made me wince as I looked at you, I’d still want to be around you because of your stories, willingness for fun, and consistent effort to make this world a better place.

Thank you for being so much more than pretty.

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