Yarnbombing Collaboration In Baltimore | Uncustomary Art

At the beginning of this year, I wrote down a lot of goals for myself. It turns out publishing a book takes up a lot of your time (who knew?!) and I realized there’s not enough time before the new year to cross off one of my yarnbomb related goals by myself. I’ve had a few people reach out to me about wanting to collaborate on guerrilla art projects, especially after the Puzzle Art Project, so I want to ask you all if you’d be interested in helping me make this goal come true.

There is a vacant parking lot next to where Old Town Mall is with 80 parking meters (see above photo). I want to bring color to this area! The project in question would require you to knit or crochet something.

[edit: As of September 13th, 9:45 pm EST all 80 slots have been filled!]

If you’re interested in participating, here’s what you need to know:

+ You would be knitting or crocheting a rectangle, 7 inches by 36 inches. Just basic stitches are totally fine, you don’t need to worry about any fancy patterns. Mine will be knitted stitches on both sides. Just prepare rectangles, don’t turn them into tubes beforehand!

+ Keep in mind that the panelย is going to be stretched around the pole meter, so as long as it comfortably stretches to 7 inches, we’re good to go.

+ You can use any kind of yarn of any color. My goal is to add color, so the brighter the better, but feel free to use up your stashes or things you haven’t been able to find homes for. Solid colors, stripes, designs, whatever are all okay. As long as it’s fun and happy!

+ You can also use any size needles you want. Obviously it’s fine if you want to make it closely knit, but it’s okay if there’s lots of room between stitches, too. These knit up pretty quick, but it’s even quicker if you use larger needles!

+ If you have enough yarn at the end of your project, it would be ideal if you could leave a tail of about 50 inches so it can be installed. If not, no worries. I will tie a tail on. I do want you to bind off, though. Finish the panel and when you tie the last knot, leave a long string if you can.

+ You can participate from anywhere in the world, but keep in mind you’d be paying for shipping.

+ All participants will receive credit on my blog, and you can add this public art project to your CV.

+ If you’re in the area, I wouldย love for you to come help me install the yarnbombs! I made an event page for the install date (that is subject to change due to inclement weather) for December 5th. I will provide tapestry needles and take photos. Bring a jacket and something to sit on! We can have a dance party afterwards.

+ If you’re interested in participating, please add your name to this Google spreadsheet. You are more than welcome to make as many as you think you can handle, but be realistic when you sign up. If you’re signing up for more than one slot, just copy and paste your info down as far as you want so we all have an idea of how many slots are left. Iย am signing up for 10 right now, but will take over whatever the remainder is.

+ Please sign up to knit panels by September 30th.

+ All finished rectangles need to get to me by November 25th. You can mail them to
Uncustomary Art
PO Box 354
Linthicum Heights, MD 21090

Let me know if you have any questions, RSVP to the install date, and feel free to share this call with people you think might be interested.

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