Hello lovelies! I hope you’re having a fun week. Did you take a minute to thank your postman yesterday? It’s not too late! Belated cheer is always welcome, I promise you. If you’re not into celebrating after the fact, you could celebrate Nutella Day. That stuff is delicious.

Today I’m going to prepare workshop materials for this weekend. Speaking of which, have you started on your cards for Valentine’s Day yet? Less than ten days till the 14th, and don’t forget to calculate shipping time! Spread the love.

Below you will find an incomplete list of things that made me happy this past week, including lots of links for fun and entertaining things. Do you keep a gratitude/happy journal? Link me over to your lists!

+ the most fantastic pair of underwear in the whole wide world (thanks Janice!)
+ so many wonderful people coming to my Photobooth Event
+ delicious edamame with Korean salt
+ hanging out at Never On Sunday with Charlotte and Jessica
+ coming up with Uncustomary Date Ideas

+ going to Independent Circus Practice!
+ seeing some incredibly talented people
+ beginning phases of learning how to juggle
+ seeing Sailor
+ deciding that I’m coming back every Monday from now on

+ meeting Carly & Edna, and watching them & Jason hula hoop their butts off
+ getting hired to teach another Valentines Workshop at Art Enables on 2/8
+ some extremely absurd Russian wedding photos
+ beginning to participate in Letter Month
+ this conversation on Twitter
+ being the first person to order an Ex Postal Facto passport… get yours now!

+ all  the preparations for this year’s Fun A Day show
+ celebrating the Chinese New Year with a beautiful paper fan and Chinese food
+ watching The Internship
+ Jason teaching me how to solder things together
+ the feeling when a migraine goes away
+ Rainn’s idea

+ learning how to spackle and using hot pink tools
+ covering up wall blemishes at the gallery with white paint while listening to relaxing music
+ getting a teacher’s discount at Michaels
+ my new laptop coming in (even though I have to send it back)
+ the blue dots (from missing pixels) on Jason’s TV looking like stars

+ Olivia pointing out this 11/11 in the background of one of my photographs
+ some pretty incredible (and horrifying) Russian cartoons from the early 90s at Heidi & Charles’ house
+ pulling an all-nighter to get my butt back on track!
+ flash  back to 90’s emo music (Braid, anyone?)
+ following DiGiorno on Twitter after watching The Superbowl

+ this documentation of a ridiculous moment where I decided that I was in a music video on Ashley’s banister
+ Holly being dressed like she was in The Craft
+ laying in Ashley’s bed with everyone like we’re the grandparents from Willy Wonka
+ watching Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure
+ 10 Facts That Will Make You Happy video

+ my Improv Everywhere book coming in
+ delicious (crab) pizza at Joe Squared
+ giving the awesome waiter my phone number
+ rocking out to The Smashing Pumpkins while driving through the city
+ being positive that the ice cream truck was outside my house at 4 am in February
+ Marielle’s doodles on bananas

What’s on your happy list this week?

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