Every month, I host an event in the community just for fun. For January, I wanted to do something a little more elaborate and special, so I rented a photobooth from The Entertainment Playground. I collaborated with Phil, the owner of Dooby’s Coffee, for an event space, and before I knew it, everything was set!

I brought two boxes of props to Dooby’s, grabbed a delicious snack, and waited for people to come hang out! I wasn’t the only one eating, though! Look at these lovely faces, taking over the table!

Some people brought their own props, which was great! I was really glad to see how excited people got.


Some of the best “story” ideas for the photos were from Jessica. Check out how she turns me into a unicorn!

We were running around like crazy when our time was about to run out, but I came home with more than forty photo strips, and those are just the ones you guys let me keep! If you have scans of strips I don’t have, I’d love to see them! My original plan was to tape extras in my red notebook, but in all honesty, we were too occupied with gas masks, tiaras, and feather boas. As it should be.


At one point, I looked down at the floor and saw all these props spread around haphazardly. I realized the room was full of beautiful and fun people who braved the freezing temperatures to be silly with me. It’s what I’ve always wanted my life to be, and I realized that I created it. That night was a dream, and I’m so glad that it’s turning into my job.


Below is a slideshow of the strips I have. You can also browse the album on Facebook or Photobucket.

Special thanks to the kind and funny people of The Entertainment Playground, and the sweet and helpful employees of Dooby’s Coffee (especially Phil)! * = photo credit to April.

Thanks to all the brave photo takers: Charlotte, Matt, Jessica, Ashley, Geraldine, Jason, Olivia, April, Sean, Elizabeth, Alan, Allison, Ally, Shannon, Tony, Sandy, my dad, Susan, Odell, and their kids.

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