10 Uncustomary Dates | Uncustomary

It’s February, and lots of us are thinking about love. I celebrate Valentine’s Day by honoring all types of love (friends, family, pets, hobbies, self), but today I’m going to give you some date ideas! There are only so many “classic” dates that exist, and to be honest, they get old quick! Dinner, movie, drinks… there’s more to life, right? Recently, I talked a bit about alternative fun, and this is an extension of that. Dates can be romantic and weird. Here are some things you can do together with your date or significant other:

10 Uncustomary Dates

1. Black Tie Bowling

Put on your formal wear and head to the bowling alley. Tuxes and satin gowns are going to make those clown-like shoes pop!

2. Karaoke Night

Get weird with it! Sing some super cheesy duets, or something completely un-romantic. (Cory and Topanga anyone?)

3. Candlelit Dinner At Wendy’s

Head to a local fast food place and order a cheeseburger. Bring a tablecloth, fancy dishes, and candles (probably flamelessis your best bet).

4. Simultaneous Scavenger Hunts

Spend time creating a scavenger hunt for your partner while they do the same thing. (Feel free to get mushy with the notes!) Agree on a set number of clues/places. Set them up, then trade your first clues. Assign a meeting place for afterwards.

5. Road Trip To Something Mediocre

Take a long car ride to something that isn’t really a “destination”. Is the nearest Sheetz or Wawa 200 miles away? Get a good playlist and jump in the car so you can go grab some salty snacks and re-fill your gas tank.

10 Uncustomary Dates | Uncustomary

6. Crash A Wedding

Pretty self-explanatory. Bonus points if you use alter-egos.

7. Make Out List

Come up with a bucket list, but just for making out. Travel to weird places, kiss, and check it off. Maybe stand on opposite sides of state lines or figure out where (and what) a fish hatchery is.

8. Plan Choreography At The Club

Make up a silly dance and head to a club or a place with a dance floor. Clear a space and dance your butts off. For inspiration see Ross & Monica’s “Routine“.

9. Thrift Store Competition

Hit your local thrift store and see who can find the weirdest thing. You could set a time and price limit too!

10. Horse Carriage Sign

Buy a ride on a horse carriage that walks around the city, but bring a sign (and cans?) that you can hang off the back! Instead of “just married” you could do “just dating”, “still married”, or something funny.

10 Uncustomary Dates | Uncustomary

I’d love to hear about any uncustomary dates you’ve been on!