Earlier this weekend, I had a moment of funk. It started with having to say goodbye to the most wonderful dog I’ve ever known, and it continued into this awful state where I felt not just sad, but frustrated and unsupported. Sometimes I do feel like the friends that I have who live near me don’t really get me, and it’s a little difficult to completely be myself with them.

After making an ill-advised whiny status on Facebook, I started getting really nice comments. One of them was from Jason, who hosts the Baltimore Playground meet ups (remember Recess?). He asked if I wanted to hang out, so I got up and drove to Fells Point. He had said he wasn’t feeling that great either, and it was kind of cosmic because he had logged on to look at my blog to cheer him up, and then saw my status. I thought that was the sweetest thing. I brought two glittery party hats, and we wore them while we talked stuff out. Since then, I’ve been thinking about a lot of things.

Ultimately, my job is for people. Most jobs are, actually. Occupations fulfill a need or desire of someone else. Mechanic shops fix our cars, hospitals fix our bodies, and schools educate our minds. Before, my job was to help adults with mental illness manage their symptoms, and teach skills that would help them become more independent. Now, my job is to provide fun and inspiration for anyone who comes across me in life.

The problem is, sometimes people are annoying! People stand me up, make rude comments, and tell lies. It’s the ugly truth. And sometimes I let that get to me. Another truth, though, is that there are people in my life who are incredibly kind, generous, and reliable. I love them, and appreciate everything they do for me. I’m grateful for every favor, e-mail, and conversation I get from them. From you!

You know, I’m just a girl living in one of the fifty states in one of the 190 countries in the world. I’m a blog among 200 million others, trying to establish something. My goal is to continue doing what I do, and eventually I will be able to find more people (who live near me) that share my worldview. I will find you! (Creepy laugh) I am going to keep putting myself out there, hosting events and supporting other locals. I have hope that one day, I will want to do a flash mob and my problem will be having too many people attend.

I not only want to find more people who already love the things I do, but encourage those that don’t that it’s okay to have fun. One of the things that Jason and I were talking about was how most people our age tend to only find fun at bars. Both of us like drinking, but that’s not the only thing there is to do! It’s safer to join friends at the bar, because you know what you’re going to get. Everyone else is doing it, and it seems easier than hanging back and hula hooping or going on a scavenger hunt. (By the way, you can drink and hula hoop!) But we need to explore, as Jason puts it, alternative fun.

These are just some things I’ve been thinking about. I want to make the community of Baltimore a priority, but not just that. I want to make a conscious effort to improve every community I’m a part of, and one of those is the blogging community. If you’re reading this, you’re a part of that community.

I have some questions for you:

  1. What’s something you’d like to see more of in your city?
  2. What’s something that has happened in the past two months that has “restored your faith” in humanity?
  3. Do you ever feel like you’d enjoy “alternative fun” but have difficulty getting out of the bar/movie/dinner grind?

You don’t have to answer all or any of these questions. But if you do, just include the number of the question next to your answer. I really appreciate it, as well as any additional thoughts. I’m trying to expand my thought process on these topics.