Well hello, there! It’s 2014, and my Weekly Happiness post is on a Thursday. But just today, my dears. There was too much to talk about yesterday! I have a lot to be happy about, and here’s a closer look into the past week. Don’t forget that it’s Happy Mew Year For Cats Day! How are those goals coming?

+ starting to use my new menu sign
+ decorating my bathroom with a new shower curtain and towels
+ getting organized with my new planner and address book
+ asking people for their new year’s resolutions and goals

+ taking prom pictures at Fraizer’s On The Avenue on New Year’s Eve
+ passing out New Year goodies with Allison
+ my new fancy dress
+ bringing my own fancy glasses, napkins, balloons, and noise makers

+ Group shots and noise makers
+ a breakfast quesadilla at Golden West Cafe
+ kissing Ben Franklin at midnight
+ dancing with people who were mimicking It’s Always Sunny characters at the bar

+ Hanging up my new garland (notice the one made of Barbie shoes)
+ hanging out with Samantha and Nick at Fat Boys, then playing Cards Against Humanity
+ being really caught up on laundry
+ the “Boom Roasted” scene from The Office

+ wearing the crap out of these pom pom earrings
+ eating the on the go nacho from Taco Bell
+ wearing my seashell bow, made by Linsey, all day with no intention of going out
+ seeing how people loved their New Year’s cards (Andria, Anne Elizabeth)

+ this painted sun on a stage
+ raspberry lemonade Blistex
+ waking up and knowing exactly what I wanted to eat: a BLT and orange soda
+ reviewing 2013

+ these wonderful quote pages that Mim sent me
+ wonderful presents, including things wrapped in Justin Beiber
+ a soft pretzel on a very cold day
+ celebrating Paper Snowflake Day

+ this mailbox in Fells Point
+ cheap baked goods at the H&S Bakery Outlet
+ new teal bed sheet and purple pillowcases
+ how to improve your day

+ searching for blue things on my shopping trip, per the advice of Michelle
+ scheduling my Guerrilla Art Workshop (wanna come?)
+ starting Fun A Day
+ The Three A’s Of Awesome — a great TED Talk

+ finding a swinging bench on the street
+ going to bed on the last night of 2013 feeling excited and ready
+ switching out my calendar
+ the feeling of getting rid of hiccups

What’s on your happy list this week?

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