Hello! You sure look beautiful today!

It seems crazy how late in the year it is already. It’s starting to become very real! Have you thought about 2014 resolutions and goals yet? It’s not too early to start! It’s also not too early to think about gift giving. If you’re having trouble thinking of what you’re going to get someone special, consider signing them up for December’s Monthly Marvels package or 30 days of inspirational e-mails (that can be started whenever you’d like).

Make sure you’re taking time to think about what you’re grateful for this week! I hope you’re in a good mood and that you’re not lacking any glitter in your environment.

+ beautiful floral arrangements on the sidewalk
+ dancing in the street because I was so happy
+ making business and monetary goals for 2014
+ The Belle Brigade metaphorically throwing rocks against my window in the middle of the night to wake me up and reminding me what’s beautiful

+ finding this receipt in my purse from earlier this month
+ realizing my zip code is a shuffled up version of 90210
+ sharing a lasagna with Bug, like I’m the girl from PuppyCat
+ joining && A Happy New Year, a letter exchange

+ going on a classy date to Sheetz with Michelle
+ new make-up from Ulta
+ finding a beautiful gold mine of street art in Baltimore
+ another beautiful post from Veronica about dreams and intention

+ this “EPIC” sign
+ getting arrested without prosecution (and having a great story)
+ making rainbow tassels
+ this wonderful video showing graffiti artists in an abandoned warehouse

+ people installing public decorations
+ my dad laughing a lot at this Buzzfeed post about cats
+ watching A Goofy Movie
+ this skit from Key and Peele on excessive celebrating

+ turning a children’s candy necklace into a candy bracelet
+ being able to share my input on blog comments on Daisy Yellow
+ the trailer for the Making Mail documentary
+ a beautiful A Capella version of Lorde’s “Royals”

+ beautiful yellow trees lining the streets of Baltimore
+ catching up with an old friend who I used to work with and making plans to meet up when I’m in California
+ getting my winter greeting cards
+ one of the best human interactions I’ve seen in a long time

+ going to Phoenix with friends and showing them the seedy app “Tinder”
+ my friends making Harriet And The Spy-esque sandwiches
+ realizing I have my own Konstantine story
+ Kid President’s list of 20 things we should say more often

+ condom machines that are not for boning in the morning
+ being in traffic during rush hour and thinking to myself, “Man! I should have brought Tiiko so I could have drove in the HOV lane” (and then realizing that doesn’t actually count)
+ Seth Rogan and James Franco’s version of the new Kanye video
+ Matt of Spudart’s idea for documenting your first footstep in the snow

What’s on your happy list this week?