There are some things that you know you have to have. Maybe it’s the perfect wedding dress or the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon… in this case, it was a teal and yellow stuffed dinosaur at the thrift store on sale day. There was no question, he was mine. I made it official, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Does that mean I’ve been using a larger purse to carry him around in? Maybe. Did I name him Tiiko? Absolutely.

Tiiko is very excited to see the world, and I’m excited to show him! We are celebrating new experiences, and making errands feel special!

Tiiko sees cakes

Tiiko learns about blogging (and raving)

Tiiko sees the post office

Tiiko sees Target

Tiiko sees DC at a mail social

Tiiko learns about night naps and snuggles

Where should I take him next?