Last night, I had one of those joyful revelations that you can’t plan. In the moment, I recorded my voice to text to my best friends, and I’m just going to quote myself here:

“So I just realized, like, the idea of optimism, and how every time I go back for an installation I’m optimistic because yeah, on the drive there, I’m thinking, ‘wow it’s going to really suck if I drove all the way down here for nothing’, but the fact is I’m driving down there. I hope it’s there, I want it to be there, I believe that it’s possible that it could still be there. And that’s fucking beautiful. And you know what? Tonight it was there. It was fucking there! I asked people what they were grateful for and they filled up the page! And the Sharpie was still there! And everything is fucking glorious. Everything is lit up down here, I have goosebumps, and I am not going to stop listening to The Belle Brigade until I fall asleep because today is magical, and I love you.”

I stayed excited the entire drive home, and I had to get out of the car to dance.

I’ll share the results from this installation I’m mentioning soon, but I just had to share my gratitude for these people of Baltimore. Thank you for making my night, confirming my faith, and giving me a reason to dance.