How’s it going? I’ve recently been super sick and I pronounced myself legally dead last night. It seems like I’m alive now, though, so I’m going to celebrate Peanut Butter Fudge Day with my whole heart. I would like to recommend that you do the same thing. I would also like to suggest, in my weakened state, that we should also all wear aprons on top of our outfits today. It’s okay if we pretend to be scuba divers in the bath tub, too.

+ the disco ball at a club
+ signing up for Cards Against Humanity’s holiday promotion
+ dancing to Will Smith
+ ordering a new camera (to replace the one I lost)

+ the Postal Museum beginning monthly mail socials!
+ meeting Juli
+ driving home from DC in the dark, listening to Florence + The Machine, drinking my caramel apple spice
+ Tiiko coming into my life

+ seeing my first burlesque show: SuicideGirls
+ girl date with Ashley
+ this hilarious intro message from someone on OKCupid
+ mailing out November’s Monthly Marvels packages

People magazine celebrating the good stuff
+ partying with my bear
+ getting back the disposable camera I gave to a girl named Erica
+ buying this planner

+ getting serenaded by this guy and leaving him my card and a confetti bow in his guitar case
+ having a successful scavenger hunt!
+ dancing to Timber with Lucy and Sara
+ meeting a girl who went to my high school

+ becoming a bad ass with my (temporary) tattoo sleeve
+ trying new things
+ Bug being super angry at the blinds at 1 in the morning
+ new Parks & Rec DVDs

+ watching my disposable camera in use
+ making my idol happy cry
+ a very sweet e-mail from another Erica (good vibes with this name lately!)
+ wearing my flowy pink dress

+ seeing old co-workers at an art opening
+ buying candy necklaces
+ the package from Michelle a la Sesame Gifts
+ holiday package from Janice (and Bug loving his cowboy treats)

What’s on your happy list this week?