Every month, I host an event in the community. I’m really excited to inform you that this month’s was really successful! I even had people come who I didn’t know beforehand!

We met in Fells Point by the water taxis. After everyone arrived, we formed teams, and I handed out the lists. I went over the rules, which were pretty simple. There were twenty items on the list, and each item was worth one point. The team with the most points would win. They had an hour to get as many things as they could, using any means of transportation they found necessary.

Some of the items on the list

One of the items was to get a digital photo of your team doing the YMCA

“Four Nations”

“The Indoor Kites”

and “The Teammates”, who were our winners!
They each received a goody bag with fun celebration stuff and a $5 gift card to Target!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out. I really appreciate your participation and enthusiasm. The art we created that day was community involvement. Stay tuned for future Uncustomary Art events!