Phew. Today was not my favorite day. I’ve been really struggling financially with being owed thousands of dollars from freelancers, and I haven’t been able to pay my electric bill. I thought I had more time before they did anything about it, but I was wrong and everything completely cut off today. It was a nightmare. I went to the emergency energy services, but I didn’t have all the paperwork I needed and by the time I got back they were closed.

But I posted something online sharing my situation, and between a bunch of you stepping up and buying my e-book and donating what you could, and a loan from April, I was able to call the electric company and she did something she says they never do… let me pay less than half the amount due to turn it back on with good faith that I will pay the rest. She told me that when she says this is a rare case, this is rare, and she doesn’t know who is smiling on me, but I better say thank you. And I just busted out crying out of gratitude and relief. I still have a massive bill to pay among many other debts to friends, family, credit cards, etc. but this was a win for today. I seriously can’t believe it.

Thank you to everyone who pitched in. I tried to send you all thank you voice memos to let you know how much it meant to me. I really appreciate your support of Uncustomary and me. Thank you thank you thank you.

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Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary

Pictures from last week:

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Murals that look like they have puffy clouds (by Stefan Ways)

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Sleeping with my duck crew

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Rainbow containers

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Standing on the harbor

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
A creative meeting with Jessica about kindness events

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Natural graffiti

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
A surprise package from Melissa of Analog in DC

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Walking around Sherwood Gardens

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Giving out puppy awards and treats to all the good boys and girls on National Dog Day

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
This tree, clearly installed here by the Illuminati

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Little kids drawing these suns on our stoop and me bringing out my treasure chest so they could each pick one thing, plus a rubber duck to take home with them (one picked a smiley face balloon and one picked glow sticks)

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Sitting at the park writing affirmations for a guerrilla art project

[Extra Sparkle] * Jessica paying for my sushi meal during our brainstorm meeting * Turning people onto CBD * Extensive happy hour menus * Keeping up with tapping and meditating and being close to completing almost all of my August goals * Finishing reading the newest Jen Sincero book * Doing a Tarot reading for the Babes group during a thunderstorm * Finding another disposable camera installation * Joe putting Everything Bagel seasoning in my mac and cheese * Taking a minute to listen to water * Seeing people carry the biggest teddy bear I’ve ever seen in my life down the street * Deciding to make my Instagram even more colorful and helpful * Pulling up to my house just as a song ends in perfect harmony * When Joe and I start tapping our fingers at the same time to a song * Seen what Jared Keeso looks like with a beard (*updates Laminated List*) * Making my nails bright yellow * Getting an essential oil air diffuser for my car so I can try to calm down in traffic * Being productive and getting things done * Ritz Cracker Crisp Thins * Sending voice gratitude memos to people * Gabriella Rosie(‘s body) (and mind) (and art) * Driving in the rain listening to the Amelie soundtrack

Upcoming Unusual Holidays

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30 – Toasted Marshmallow Day
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31 – Eat Outside Day
31 – Trail Mix Day
1 – Be Kind Day
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What’s on your happiness list this week?