We’ve officially moved out of Leo Season and into Virgo Season. You might be scared that this means the death of fun, but I promise it’s not! We had a great time in Leo Season, and you don’t have to let the fun stop, but this is a great time to get more grounded and get to work on things you’re passionate about. Keep that balance, babe!

Remember: even if you’re shy to astrology, I think this monthly checklist series, a bucket list of sorts, can be helpful to get you to focus on different areas of your life and maintain that balance year-round. And hey– if magical cosmos are in your favor and helping you along the way, who are you to complain?

Virgo is an Earth sign, ruled by Mercury (communication!). Virgos tend to have great work ethics, find a lot of ease and calm in keeping things organized/orderly, and are pretty great at taking care of their health. They’re also at making money, expressing who they are, and nurturing other people/being selfless. They’re going to show up for you when they say they will, tell you what they mean, and hold you accountable. They can also be fussy, harsh, judgmental, and leaning towards the conservative side in a way that isn’t necessarily open-minded. They will take great care of their health, make great routines, be the first to help you when you need it, give great advice, and are incredibly smart.

Some famous Virgos are Beyoncé and Billy Murray. Enough said? I actually have a Virgo Moon, which I sometimes have a really have a hard time identifying with. Moons rule our emotions, and Virgo can be really strict and focused on organizing, and I spent so much time and effort in therapy working against my OCD brain to not be a perfectionist and feel okay with things being in chaos, so sometimes it feels counterproductive. But there are traits of Virgo Moon I identify with, like wanting to help my friends and playing therapist with them. I’m also likely to be easily overwhelmed by stress (check!). I also have my Lilith in Virgo which means sometimes I go through painful lengths to prove I’m not ordinary (attacked), even though I have perfectionist tendencies. And finally, my Fifth House is in Virgo, which means I’m likely to be practice with business and my home life. Maybe one day!

Keeping that in mind, this is a pretty great season to get your life in order and set yourself up for being an even bigger bad ass than you already are for the rest of the year. It’s just beginning! (Wonder why back to school shopping feels so good right about now? Because Virgo energy loves a clean new notebook to write goals, plans, and thoughts down in.) There are a ton of things you can do to celebrate Virgo Season, but let’s take a look at the 25 ways I came up with for you to start with!

I’ll be teaching a Virgo Season Workshop, like I do every month. We’ll be talking about rituals, perfectionism, nurturing, needing to “fix”, and dedication. You can expect a live EFT/Tapping training, Belly Love, affirmations, journaling, group discussion, a custom meditation, and more!

Virgo Season Workshop

25 Ways To Celebrate Virgo Season | Uncustomary

25 Ways To Celebrate Virgo Season

1. Start a new healthy activity – Try yoga, walking, fresh smoothie every morning, taking vitamins, etc.
2. Get a new notebook – This is a great time to go back to school shopping! And start to list anything and everything you can think of from what you ate that day to what you’re grateful for to your goals for this month to how you made money this month to ways you can use a pencil to all the emotions you felt that day to what you want to buy at the store to what you need to purge in your apartment.
3. Re-organize your office and/or living space – Declutter! Go to town with rearranging furniture, trinkets, decorations, and don’t skip the cleaning! Dust, vacuum, use air purifiers, the works.
4. Be less judgmental – Try to acknowledge when you’re feeling judgmental and/or critical and take a step back from the situation and assess why you’re feeling this way and if it’s going to actually make you feel better or do any good to get you where you want to be.
5. Purge your wardrobe Maybe have a bunch of friends over to give things away, have a yard sale, or even sell them online!
6. Get a hair cutEven if it’s just a trim.
7. Eliminate waste – Try to use less physically, but also stop spending time on things and people that don’t make you feel good after – this is an Earth sign, so it’s good to connect with the physical environment.
8. Find beauty in imperfections – Draw on your stretch marks with glitter glue, turn a chip in the sidewalk into a chalk drawing, make a list of the reasons why someone’s personality trait you find annoying is actually really endearing.
9. Listen to your gut instincts – Virgo rules the gut, digestive system, and tummy. Treat your guts extra well, too This is a great time for digestive health, specifically, and belly love!
10. Jam out to people who inspire you – Listen to my Uncustomary Bad Ass Women playlist

11. Manifest – When you get something you want, instead of crossing it off your to do list, re-write it separately as a present-tense affirmation.
12. Eat Healthier/Raw – Try a more raw/plant-based diet for 24 hours or more and see how you feel.
13. Get Your Technology Organized – Set up spam filters, separate inboxes, and generally clean out your inbox
14. Get Inspired By Bad Ass Bosses – Be inspired by GirlBosses (Watch “GirlBoss” on Netflix, or read books like #Girlboss, Boss Bitch, You Are A Bad Ass At Making Money, and Leave Your Mark)
15. Make A Ritual Create a Magical Morning Ritual.
16. Pull The Hermit Card – Put this Tarot card up on your altar and be inspired by lessons from this card (maybe it’s time to retreat a little from social engagements and focus more on your self and your goals?).
17. Drink More Water – Mix flowers (like Hibiscus) into your drinking water (and drink a lot of it!)
18. Raise Your Standards – What is your bottom line for what is acceptable in your life? Hold the people you keep in your life accountable to that new standard.
19. Help The Environment – Take a test online to see what your current Carbon Footprint is and make steps to decrease it.
20. Increase Your Vocabulary – Get Word Of The Day toilet paper (or just try to learn a new definition every day).
21. Take Responsibility For Your Health – Make a doctor’s appointment for something you haven’t dealt with in a while (dentist, optometrist, general primary care, etc.)
22. Create – Dive into creating something (arts and crafts in some scenario is ideal).
23. Connect With The Earth – Spend time in nature, connecting to the Earth (Earth sign!), whether it’s in water, the forest, the sand, the mountains, or wherever. (Bonus points if you’re barefoot for Earthing!)
24. Make Money – Do something that will later allow you to earn money from it as a side hustle (Etsy shop? Blog? YouTube? Check out this list of ways to make extra money) and/or pitch yourself for that promotion at work.
25. Budget/Take A Look At Your Finances – Take account of your finances and actually start budgeting (are you somehow actually spending $30 a month on gum? It’s possible…)

PS – I made a Virgo Season inspired Pinterest Board (100+ pins), a Virgo Season meditation, and Virgo Season affirmations, but they’re secret and only available to my membership group, the Uncustomary Babes. If you want access, join the group!

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How will you celebrate Virgo season?

Photos: Maura Housley