In celebration of Pencil Day, I’m re-sharing the first 100 Ways list I ever wrote (inspired by Keri Smith). It was the first blog post I was ever proud of, and when I look at it now it’s equally embarrassing as it is heartwarming to know that I was trying my very hardest. I woke up early on a Saturday when I was working and going to school full-time to take pictures on my digital camera with a pencil. Things have changed so much since then, it’s hard to believe it.

Anyway, enjoy the list revived from the archives! Making a list like this really gets your brain working in ways you don’t expect. Pick another item and try to come up with your own list of a hundred ways to use it. I doubt you’ll regret it.

100 Ways To Use A Pencil | Uncustomary

1. Impromptu mustache
2. Magic “bent” trick
3. Ear scratching
4. “Reset” tool
5. Taped together animal
6. Write a letter
7. Weapon
8. Dart
9. Straight edge
10. Poking device
11. Wand (magic)
12. Microphone
13. Belly button cleaner
14. Makeshift puppet stick
15. Hair accessory
16. Chopsticks
17. Stress/anxiety relief
18. Baton
19. Whittling stick
20. Lead carvings
21. Art
22. Measuring utensil
23. Plate twirler
24. Draw your own porno
25. Lincoln-Pencils (like Lincoln Logs)
26. Make a picture frame
27. Pointer
28. Marshmallow roaster
29. Cat toy
30. Chew toy
31. Fake cigarette
32. Flower pencil
33. Tongue depressor
34. Dream catcher
35. Cross
36. Sword action figure
37. Metronome
38. Kindling
39. Skewer
40. Splint
41. Axle for cardboard car
42. Carve out a rubber stamp (from the eraser)
43. Christmas tree ornament
44. Rolling device
45. Massager
46. Bookmark
47. As an eraser for mistakes
48. Hole poker
49. Door knocker
50. Extension of limbs

100 Ways To Use A Pencil | Uncustomary

51. Back scratcher
52. Improve dexterity
53. Pinwheel stick
54. Back of a kite
55. Plant support stick
56. Toothpick
57. Mini flag pole stick
58. Mini hockey stick (quarter puck)
59. Prop
60. Gift
61. Reminder of how to spell “number”
62. Crafty rocket ship
63. Litter poker stick
64. Tack on bulletin board/spear
65. Stirrer (drinks)
66. Balance game
67. Spin the bottle replacement
68. Creating new pencils
69. Door jam
70. Handmade helicopter
71. Tic-tac-toe square
72. Eraser bounce game
73. Costume accessory (reporter, etc.)
74. Stick a pencil under your boobs — if it stays, you need a bra
75. To keep golf scores
76. Dough roller
77. Imprint/stamp objects
78. Wolverine claws
79. Mr. Potato Head legs
80. Get something out of a crack
81. Calculator button presser
82. Knitting needles
83. To keep your ear company
84. Stick in front yard as a prank
85. Pencil drop prank (for substitute teachers in school)
86. Drumsticks
87. Letter opener
88. Test if a cake is done
89. Part your hair
90. Help tie a bow
91. Glue bottle nozzle unclogger
92. Karate test
93. Scantron tests
94. To propose a toast
95. Sun dial
96. Aerator for plants
97. As part of a compass
98. For magnetic compass
99. Raft
100. Curlers

Can you think of any more ways to use a pencil? Share below!

Photos: Maura Housley