[This post is NSFW]

As with unusual holidays like I Love My Feet Day, I’m extra excited to celebrate non-traditional occasions when they overlap with self-love and body positivity! Go Topless Day comes around once a year on the weekend closest to Women’s Equality Day. Anyway, this year it looks like it fell on Women’s Equality Day, which is pretty cool! We’re all for extra celebrations here, right?!

This holiday isn’t for everyone, I know. And I’m all for honoring what empowers each and every individual, because what’s liberating and empowering to one person might feel totally normal to another or on the other end of the spectrum and way out of their comfort zone. If being nude, being topless, etc. isn’t your cup of tea that’s fine! You can skip this post with no hard feelings. I don’t judge you and I hope you don’t judge me or anyone else who wants to observe this holiday because it feels empowering to them.

Go Topless Day | Uncustomary

10 Ways To Celebrate Go Topless Day

1. Attend a “Go Topless” or “Free The Nipple” protest and dress accordingly, depending on the laws in your city [Topless Laws]
2. Get yourself one of those bathing suits that matches your skin tone and has a drawing of a nipple on it since that’s legal
3. Attend a burlesque show or a strip club where it’s legal to bare naked (or pastied) breasts (or perform in a show yourself!)
4. Ditch the bra for the day, even if you’re fully clothed and go to work, run errands, etc… let your boobs out of boob jail!
5. Have your entire body painted, including your breasts [example]
6. Watch “Femen” and “Ukraine Is Not A Brothel”, full of women protesters in the Ukraine who bare their breasts as part of their political stance
7. Go to a nude beach, nudist colony, kink party, or somewhere else where nudity is not only tolerated but accepted and embraced
8. Breastfeed in public
9. Give yourself a breast exam
10. Watch “Free The Nipple”.

What are your opinions on Go Topless Day/the Free The Nipple movement?
Do you have any other ideas for how to celebrate Go Topless Day?

Photo: Maura Housley