It’s no secret I love to celebrate unusual holidays, but if I can mix my favorite things like celebrating specific things and body positivity, I’m EXTRA for it! I Love My Feet Day occurs every August 17th, and I hope you’ll join with my in observing it!

Feet are an interesting thing because it seems like lots of people go on either end of the spectrum with their feelings for them. We have some people who are totally skeeved out by them and would rather wear socks at all times, even at the beach or to bed, and then there’s people who are sexually aroused by them with a foot fetish. No matter where you land on the foot love spectrum, I think it’s important to at least acknowledge that if you are lucky enough to have feet, you should celebrate it! At least once a year on this holiday, anyway. 😉 They give us so many opportunities, and even if you’re not a fan of the way they look, we should take today to look down and say, “Thank you!

I Love My Feet Day | Uncustomary

10 Ways To Celebrate I Love My Feet Day

1. Do something active you couldn’t do without your feet like dance or take a walk through a park
2. Get a pedicure; all the bells and and whistles with callous remover, salt massages, you name it!
3. Learn about the different points on your feet that can coordinate to various aspects of health, AKA Reflexology
4. Buy a new pair of shoes? Bonus points if they’re extra comfy or a style that shoes off as much of your feet/toes as possible
5. Make your uncomfortable shoes automatically worn in by putting on a thick pair of socks and taking a hair dryer to them to slightly enlarge them to the shape of your feet and avoid blisters
6. Stretch and massage your feet
7. Have a photoshoot featuring your feet
8. Wiggle your toes in something like sand, water, grass, glitter…
9. Get a new fun accessory for your feet like an anklet, toe ring, pair of socks, slippers, barefoot sandal made out of gems, colorful shoelaces, shoe charms, etc.
10. Dip your feet in paint (and/or glitter!) and finger (ahem, feet!) paint all over some posterboard

How will you show your feet you love them today?

Photo: Maura Housley