Happy October, babe! Are you ready for Halloween? Duh. I’m assuming you’ve already seen the Halloween Bucket List with a hundred ideas for things to do to celebrate the best holiday in the universe that should be celebrated all month (ahem, year) long. Have you picked out your costume or pumpkin yet? Have you planned a fall themed activity? Tell me all the Halloween and Fall things. I want to know it all.

Obviously not everything is just pumpkins and costume joy, unfortunately. The terrorist acts in Las Vegas are heartbreaking to say the very least. If you can donate blood or money, it is needed. Here is a resource of ways to help out. And I’ll include my lists of ways to promote peace and spread happiness in the link list below.

Photos from last week:

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[Extra Sparkle] * Ostrich and Peacock feathers * Filling out an application with Leigh to be a vendor at a Farmers’ Market for the first half of 2018 * Like, a million trips to the witch store and purchases for items to finally get my house more up to speed in terms of feng shui * Finishing an order and then getting another order notification in my inbox as I’m deleting the first one * Feeling like all the abundance and prosperity work I’ve been manifesting is beginning to pay off (literally) * Revamping the homepage of my site (did ya see?) * Switching roles with Maura for a photoshoot day * My mom coming over to vacuum and dust for me * Finding out that my front screen door twirls open into little slats to let air in * Getting a bunch of new plants * Making plans and lists for the DIY Halloween Night I’m hosting on Friday the 13th * “Dracula: Dead And Loving It” * Finding a broach for my Halloween costume * Painting my toes * Off brand ice cream cones * The two pairs of shoes I wanted only having two pairs left each, both in my size! * How few events I have scheduled this month so I can focus on creating content and having fun

Things to check out online:

Yesterday, you might have seen on my Instagram Stories that I got something wonderful in the mail and Joe caught some video of me unboxing it! It was a custom carved candle from Enchantments, a wonderful store I learned about from Gala Darling. They didn’t even know my favorite color was yellow, they’re just magic like that. Check it out!


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What’s on your happiness list this week?
Sending you lots of love and glitter!