I see too many people scared to wear costumes because they don’t love their bodies and are worried what they’ll look like.

Some people criticize others for using this holiday as a time to “dress slutty”, and I think we should probably start realizing that’s slut shaming. Let a person dress how they want to dress. It doesn’t affect you. (Now, if you want to judge someone for having a super uncreative costume, we can talk 😉)

Body Positivity + Halloween Costumes | Uncustomary

But seriously, Halloween should just be about fun. So if you really want to be a genie and the only reason you aren’t is because the costume you’re dying to wear exposing your belly, we have some work to do, and I can help you.

No costume is wrong, though. I felt adorable in this giant sack of a pumpkin costume that hid all of my fat rolls, but I wasn’t wearing it to hide my fat rolls. Do you see the difference? I’d love to keep this conversation going in the comments.

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