Hello there, lovelies! Today is Peach Ice Cream Day and Yellow Pig Day. Last year I printed out pictures of pigs and had people at work color them in with yellow crayons, highlighters, pencils, whatever they could find. I would love to see your yellow pig! E-mail or tweet it to me 🙂
+ Kimmie and Jeffrey’s visit to Baltimore/getting to see Michelle
+ Jenn’s sparkly blue party hat (that she didn’t want to wear, but I brought anyway)
+ this face that Bug made
+ eating at Paper Moon (specifically my Captain Crunch milkshake!)
+ spotting this sticker on the street
+ this progression of purples
+ playing in sprinklers that I bought for myself
+ tanning in my backyard
+ furnishing my life with meatballs and furniture
+ beautiful vines on the side of a building in an alley
+ another drumming circle at work
+ talking about our lives as garden metaphors in Journaling class
+ gaining some perspective about my break up
+ vodka
+ yarnbombing the bench by the fountain
+ mermaid hair spray
+ reminding everyone about Free Slurpee Day
+ reaching 100 likes on Facebook
+ seeing the icing mix with the dye drops
+ Indy running around the backyard
+ wearing (only) a blanket while my dress dried, and feeling like Ariel once she got her legs
+ $3 margaritas for a night time happy hour
+ The Wobble
+ getting a new work table, chair, lamp, rug, mattress, and bed at Ikea
+ knitting while we were stuck in traffic
+ Serena Ryder, that “Blurred Lines” song, and “Royals” by Lorde
+ pockets in dresses
+ going to Atomic Books, The Book Thing, and Graffiti Alley
+ Michelle getting to meet Bug
+ air conditioning in cars
+ Michelle’s idea of a Color Tour Of Baltimore
+ $1 root beer
+ timing working out really well and you not having to wait for the next activity
+ the breeze
+ making Human Rainbow invitations
+ wrapping Charlotte’s present
+ cleaning out my purse
+ starting my last two weeks at work
+ Gala’s post on Sunday
+ Katie Sokoler tweeting me back
+ this funny and inspiring comic
+ my Clarisonic arriving
What’s been making you happy this week?