Happy New Year!! I know I’ve checked in since the ball dropped, but it’s my first happiness post of 2015, so I’m still excited. Actually, I’m still just really excited about the new year in general. Everything is happening the way I want it to, and I couldn’t be happier. Speaking of happiness, if you’re interested in ten tips towards achieving that state of joy you want, I wrote a post for you!

So, New Year’s Eve wasn’t just the last day of the year, it was one of my best friend’s birthdays! I was already dressed up for the holiday (a red velvet dress, living out my 11-year-old dream of being an adult wearing a velvet dress to a party like Susan in the movie “Big”), and Cristen followed suit with a black velvet dress that was her grandmother’s in the 50’s. Check us + Ashley out, three lip-sticked witchy babes, luxurious as all hell.

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

For her birthday, I also decorated her front door with streamers and a balloon, and she put it through her mail slot that I had previously personified with googly eyes, making it look like her door was eating shiny purple ribbon. It was a good decision.

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

The main thing I’ve been working on the past week has been re-doing my room! I got rid of three pieces of furniture, bags and bags of things, and I got a new desk and set of shelves! By the way, I had no idea it would be so hot to watch Joe drill yellow shelves into my wall. But it was. Anyway, all the big things have been accomplished. Every drawer, container, and nook in my bedroom has been gone through, weeded down, and cleaned. Now I just need to decorate! You know, the fun part! I’m currently writing this post from my new giant grey desk. It’s already helping with my main goal for 2015: to be productive.

Extra Sparkle:  wearing a mini top hat, making Joe jealous enough to bust out his actual top hat, which I then stole and pinned my mini top hat to (top hat inception?)  getting perfect wall calendars for me and two friends at 50% off  Cristen’s art show  singing Regina Spektor theatrically out the door at 6 am on January 1st  sitting on Charlotte’s floor working on New Year’s cards, while forcing my friends to wear tinsel crowns  Charlotte rubbing six different perfume samples from magazines on her shirt and smelling awful  wide angle selfies where it looks like your friends have a twin  the mail call getting traction!  sliding so far down in a slippery booth that I fell on the floor  singing “Paradise By The Dashboard Lights” with a group of friends inside a shed  laughing harder than I’ve laughed all year (see what I did there?) at a “fresh panties” joke in Chelsea Handler’s stand-up special, “Uganda Be Kidding Me”  Gotham coming back after a break  watching a kid get super happy after receiving one of my rubber duckies  creating strict dance party space  the reaction to me giving up meat, alcohol, and becoming a marsupial  zip-tying colorful straws together  starting my photobooth-a-month goal  Charles yelling “Who’s having a great night?!” on the roof as fireworks were exploding  Joe wearing mermaid spandex  finding a cheap new Asian restaurant  a new teal shower curtain  rainbow Filofax paper  spotting an old bag of hamburger buns pressed between a pipe and a building and Cristen writing “free all you can eat buffet” underneath it  getting back to writing letters  cat cuddles

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

New Year’s Eve itself was honestly one of the best nights of 2014, let alone my life. Joe and his friends are really amazing people, and I have too many favorite parts of the night to name! It inspired a happy cry that took off all my make-up, and a feeling of complete comfort. The photo above on the left was me while I was getting ready to go out (that was sent to my friends to ask if I should have bangs all night or not), and the photo on the right is me getting home at 6:30 am after only one hour of sleep, full of love and joy. My make-up and hair might look significantly better on the left, but as disheveled as I am on the right, you can tell I’m radiating.

I wish nothing less than utter radiating joy for you this year.

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Glowingly yours,