In my 2014 Blog Reader Survey, I learned that a lot of you are craving a lot more Bug content. It was actually kind of overwhelming, hilarious, and wonderful all at the same time. You would give these really thoughtful responses and at the end of everything it would just say “AND MORE BUG!”

Don’t worry guys and gals, I got you. I could easily make a blog dedicated entirely to that fabulous feline. I’ve just been worried that I would overload you with photos of Bugaboo, but clearly I’ve just been neglecting you on a horrifying level. I apologize, and I hope that this excessive amount of footage of him will make up for my lack of Bug Blogging.

Just so you know, this was made a couple years ago for my ex’s birthday, on a DVD. It’s absurdly long. It’s longer than most network TV episodes, and it’s literally just a cat doing stuff. I’m not going to judge you for watching it, though. But I’m not going to admit how many times I’ve watched it on my own, either.

If nothing else, watch the bit at 20:25. I love that cat so much.