Happy Wednesday! Has anyone around you made a corny Hump Day joke yet? Go ahead and be that person, it’s fine. I’ll allow it. It’s not just Hump Day, though. It’s Tourism Day! Today would be a good time to explore any of those local treasures you have in your city. It’s fun to be a tourist in your own town.

You only have till tomorrow to enter my giveaway for a free Monthly Marvels package. What do you have to lose?

If you’re in the DC area, come out to the monthly mail social at the Postal Museum tomorrow! I’m gonna be there, so you should be too! Wishing you a wonderful day, whether it includes touristy activities or not. Here’s an incomplete list of things that made me happy this past week.

+ finding yellow paint splatters on the street that matched my shoes
+ spotting new murals from Baltimore’s Open Walls project
+ playing with sidewalk chalk at Lake Waterford Park
+ clearance booty shorts with a teal and silver band
+ re-instituting the use of my red corduroy backpack

+ an incredible show: Carnivalesque (burlesque, sideshow, & more)
+ guac, pink wine, and talks of introverts & extroverts on Ashley’s porch
+ the music Nick put on the jukebox to make me feel better after Brad spilled his beer on me
+ finally spending the night/getting over my fear
+ eating fancy Ramon in the city

+ writing this on my hand as a reminder
+ chocolate custard from Rita’s
+ the man at Rita’s telling me, in an exasperated way, that they measure sizes “in twirls”
+ singing “5,000 Candles In The Wind” with Richard
+ the season finale of Parks And Recreation

+ noticing 11:11 on the street
+ leaving bottles for strangers on the street
+ meeting really fun couchsurfers at Charlotte’s
+ drinks at Pub Dog with Richard and Shaun
+ gyro at Maria D’s and chicken pita pizza at Zoe’s Kitchen

+ catching up with old friends/coworkers at their yearly art show at AVAM
+ Richard liking the WWII propaganda posters on sustainability I got for him
+ the feeling of clean sheets and a relatively decluttered car
+ April uploading this “trailer” of the Jimmy Fallon themed party
+ the way Advil works

+ cleaning out my wallet and finding gems like this stunt driver ID
+ margarita, nachos, and queso at El Salto for Cinco De Cuatro
+ running into Jen and reliving old library memories
+ watching Footloose and wishing I could live inside the last scene with the glitter
+ the beauty that is The Mowgli’s

+ this rainbow!
+ running out of the sub shop to dance in the quad area of the town center
+ breakfast at Bob Evans, where the waitress was excited at the smell of pancakes
+ signing up for another round of burlesque classes
+ this picture being the ultimate physical representation of #turndownforwhat

What’s on your happy list this week?