Happy October! | Uncustomary

Happy October!! My favorite month in my favorite season. I’m so excited for everything this month holds! September was kind of hard for me. I’ve been saying no to going out a lot, and it’s because I’m working and trying to save money, but I’ve been getting overwhelmed easily. I’ve been having lots of anxiety attacks, and I’m looking forward to making more time for fun this month.

Happy October! | Uncustomary
September Photobooth

This month, I’ll be going back to Playa Del Fuego for a few days! I’ll be unreachable from Thursday, October 8th through Monday the 12th. I’ll still schedule blog posts/social media for then, though, so you won’t be able to miss me too much. Towards the end of the month, I’ll be heading to Monarch Workshop again, where I’m actually speaking/working! And then of course, there’s also lots of Halloween excitement to look forward to as is the beauty of October.ย It’sย also LGBT History Month and Sarcastic Awareness Month. Look forward to observing World Post Day on the 9th and Howl At The Moon Night on the 26th.

My top ten things for September: + Finishing my book + Working Hampdenfest + Celebrating one year with Joe and spending the day in DC with him (and my mermaid necklace!) + Meeting a beautiful stranger on the street and talking for an hour + Watching Cristen run around in my unicorn mask + Driving around Baltimore, looking for colorful doors + Taking online classes to make my business better + Playing Glow In The Dark Monster Mini Golf + Polish Pierogie Festival + Day in the park with Judy

Your turn! Question for the comments:
What are you looking forward to this month? What did you love about last month?