Happy July! | Uncustomary Art

Waking up today means that you successfully made it through the first half of 2015! Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back, a butt squiggle in your seat, or maybe holler a little “WHOOP!” wherever you are right now. You deserve it, because you’re doing a really good job.

Today is really important. I want you to do three things today. Yes, I’m giving you homework; you can share your answers in the comments, in a personal e-mail to me, in your journal at home, or just in your mind.

Think about:

1) What you are grateful for. What amazing things have you been lucky enough to experience in these past six months or even in your entire life.
2) What your goals were for this year. Take time to re-evaluate. It’s okay if you decide that some of your resolutions aren’t applicable anymore, or if you want to adjust them to better meet your needs and desires. Figure out how you can improve your focus and success on meeting these goals, and come up with a fresh new game plan!
3) What you have already accomplished this year. Maybe you haven’t crossed everything off your 2015 To Do List, but that doesn’t mean you’re doing anything but a wonderful job! Remind yourself why you’re awesome and the good you’ve already done.

Happy July! | Uncustomary Art
June’s photobooth goal

July, for us north-hemisphereans, is historically a pretty hot month. If you’re in my neck of the woods, it becomes humid. Like a swamp. A swampy ass-swamp. But to counteract that extreme weather, there are tons of really exciting events happening all over the place, and I hope you have fun making the most of it! If you’re looking for something specific to celebrate during Zine Month and Parks And Recreation Month, you can plan to observe Piña Colada Day on the 10th, Space Exploration Day on the 20th, and Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day on the 27th.

Oh, and I’m excited to participate in Gala Darling’s Instagram challenge this month, #RadicalSelfLoveJuly. Today’s prompt is to draw a self portrait. You in?

My top ten things for June were: + A day trip getaway with Joe in Rehoboth Beach + Seeing my favorite band on my birthday + Getting to 2,000 likes on Facebook + Celebrating Ashley’s birthday + Attending the BlogU Conference, meeting amazing people, and learning a lot + Seeing my favorite British man on Flag Day + Coven Initiation on a full moon + Seeing Russell Howard live + Making big work-related moves + Having very strong, visceral, involuntary emotions about a lot of things, and feeling like I’m shedding my skin

What are you looking forward to this month? What were your top ten things about June? What are your answers to your three homework assignment questions?

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Photo Credit: Ashley Knight