I love the show New Girl. It definitely has something to do with the fact that two of the main characters are on my Laminated List and about a dozen people have made sure to tell me they feel like I’m the character Jessica Day, but there’s also beautiful character development, jokes, and story lines.

When Are You Going To Stop Worrying What People Say? | Uncustomary

In an episode in the most recent season, “Goosebumps Walkaway”, Winston delivers a beautiful speech on self love to his roommate Schmidt. It was short, sincere, and not necessarily being self aware of the topic of self love, which I adore. In my work, most of the time I need to let people know what self love is. Sometimes, though, it’s easier to just deliver facts and advice directly without mentioning it’s about self love.

Winston’s Speech On Self Love:

“When are you gonna stop worrying about what people say? When I look into my suggestion box, it is full. People have a lot to say about the way I live my life. But there is only one comment card that I pay attention to. And you know what that card says? It says, “Great job!”, and I keep it up. And you know who filled out that card? Me. You know how I know? Because I recognize my mother-frickin’ handwriting.”

I love it so much.

I don’t have much more to add to his concise thoughts, but just so you also hear it from me I want to say you don’t have to answer to anyone else. People are always going to judge you. They’re going to judge your body, your outfits, your job, your relationships, your taste in music, and your choices all the way down to how you spend your ‘free time‘.

I want to remind you these judgments won’t disappear. In fact, it’s likely they’ll increase in frequency the more you find out/create who you are. The good news is if you’re working on your self esteem, confidence, and worth you won’t feel inclined to respond to these judgments and critiques, or even worry about them!

When Are You Going To Stop Worrying What People Say? | Uncustomary

Yesterday, I got a message from someone who is currently very hurt and is lashing out at everyone/thing around him. He said things he thought were going to offend me, specifically that I’m fat and that I don’t want to see other people happy. The good news is it didn’t offend or affect me in the slightest. The first fact is true, but I’m okay with it so it doesn’t offend me. The second doesn’t offend me because I know in my heart it isn’t true.

If you know who you are and are confident, you don’t have to worry about personal attacks because they’ll roll off your back like water on a super chill duck. And if it helps, I think you’re amazing so now you have at least two fans. 😉

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