Two weeks ago, I finished my very first art journal. Last week, I shared some pages that I was embarrassed to share at first. And this week, I’ve started a new art journal in a soft cover red Moleskine. I only have four pages done so far, but I’m feel really good about it already. I was definitely worried I was going to dislike having a book that wasn’t spiral bound, but it’s working out okay!

The first page is important. The background is made of teal glitter, and if you touch it you’ll have glitter on you all day long. On top of that is a print of a photo I took of my bedroom wall (which is covered in confetti) and used my S Pen to write a little message on top of: “Make your own magic“. It’s affixed with gold metallic tape. I feel like this page personifies me pretty well. My colors, confetti, magic… and if you ask any of my friends, you will have glitter on you after you hang out with me.

The second page is an image that I found a long time ago in a very old fashion magazine. I have loved her outfit from the minute I laid eyes on her, but there’s no point talking in that dress. Get down to it, girl. Tell me how you feel with your body.

Get Messy Art Journal | Uncustomary Art

Skipping to the fourth page real quick. I found this image in a magazine I got for free, and seriously love the idea of three friends decorating a public space together. Maybe it’s because I’ve done it by myself so often. Maybe it’s because I’ve done it with friends, too. Maybe it’s just because beautifying somewhere outside is one of the most important things in the world to me.

Get Messy Art Journal | Uncustomary Art

The third page uses the same photo-I-took-plus-S-Pen-turned-print technique. This is a picture of a waterfall I took when Richard and I were at the zoo. It has some lyrics from the song “When The Day Met The Night” by Panic! At The Disco. This is a song that I rediscovered when Caylee used it in her wedding video, and Richard and I have been listening to a lot of Panic! recently. I have no intention of high jacking Caylee’s wedding song, but I must say that the lyrics have been speaking to me in a way that hasn’t happened in years. That’s what happens when you’re in love, I guess.

And yeah, it’s literally the whole song that I love, so almost all the lyrics are transcribed on top of that yellow vellum paper I got for twenty cents. Plus one of the pictures from our photobooth at the zoo.

Get Messy Art Journal | Uncustomary Art

I hope you got a chance to hop around the link up from last week. Get Messy is growing and growing and it’s gorgeous. You can see my previous pages here.

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