Happy Halloween, my loves!! It’s my favorite holiday! I’m going to wander around dressed as Charlie Kelly, eating chocolate, and pointing out everything that’s orange. I wanted to share some of the decorations I’ve had up to honor the best part of the year, as well as my costume. What are you up to tonight?

It’s also the last day of the month!! What were your top ten things about October? Let me know!

a “BOO” banner Michelle mailed naked last year

an eyeball ping-pong ball wreath I made

floating pumpkin ghost

my Charlie Kelly costume
(see actual character)

googly eye stick decorations

pumpkins and gourds (some painted)

And here is a slideshow, with all things Halloween 2013.

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Don’t forget to listen to my Halloween playlist! I would love for you to link over or e-mail me pictures of your costumes this year! Have a blast, guys!

PS – Today is the last chance to sign up for a free postcard.