Last month, I posted a list of ideas for things to do this season! I love Autumn a lot, and I was really excited to go to Larriland for the first time with my friend, Jenn. It’s a large piece of land, full of fields to pick apples, broccoli, and other fruits and vegetables. I had never been apple picking before, and it was really fun! The aisles of apples trees were divided by type (Fuji, Braeburn, etc.) and you paid for them by the pound. The scenery was absolutely beautiful.

There were pumpkins to buy, and I did get a Cinderella one, but they have a much more extensive pumpkin farm about a mile away. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go because it started raining! It was okay, though, we had a really great time at the main farm. There was a barn, where you could buy pumpkins, gourds, and jams.

The entire area was decorated for the season, and there were a lot of activities to do! There was a maze made out of hay, but apparently you can only go in as an adult if you also have a child. (Rude!) There was a stand to get your face painted, too, and I realized they don’t alter their signs depending on what event they go to. By that, I mean that the examples of designs the children could get painted on them still included “sex kitten” and “hot mama”.

Oh! And lots of photo opportunities. Stick your head through this and become …A skeleton! An apple! A snail! I actually got boiled by some witches. Don’t worry, though. They only got a little bit of my youth.

I ate an apple fritter and sweet potato fries, and washed it down with hot apple cider. There were (cute!) live animals and a distinct lack of tables for seating. I wanted to go on a hayride, but it was starting to rain. I did get to see the beautiful rows of wildflowers, though, that you could pay to pick.

It was a really great experience, and a wonderful kick off to my Autumn Activities! How are you celebrating Autumn?

[Bonus] a non-scary horror story, depicting Mary The Skeleton being terrified of the people finishing their picnic.

Skeleton Faces on Make A Gif