You may have noticed that it’s officially Autumn (in the northern hemisphere)! This is definitely my favorite season, for many reasons. Not only do I love the weather, but the spirit of these months is really cozy and specific.

I’ve got my non-holiday specific Autumn decorations up, and I look forward to checking off things from this list of ideas I came up with.

Autumn Activities

  • Jump in a neatly organized pile of leaves
  • Pick out a pumpkin (and gourds!) at a farm
  • Carve or decorate said pumpkin
  • Eat a caramel or candied apple
  • Go on a scary hay ride or walk through a haunted house
  • Wear all of your sweaters and boots
  • Spot a V of migrating birds
  • Get lost in a corn maize
  • Drink cider
  • Go on a scavenger hunt
  • Attend a festival or fair
  • Take a day trip and listen to your favorite Fall Mix
  • Go horseback riding
  • Decorate for everything
  • Take a walk through a park and try to catch falling leaves
  • Dress up and go to a costume party

Do you have any traditions for this season? What else should I put on my goal list for Autumn?

I think many people look at the “Classic Autumn” activities as things for children to do. By now, I think you know that I really enjoy “children’s activities”. In fact, I might even prefer them. And so, I want to encourage you to tap into your inner child, and allow yourself to feel silly enough to jump into a pile of leaves. Silliness is an extremely important part of life, and purposefully missing out on it because you feel like too much of a “grown up” is absurd (the bad kind)!

Don’t rule out things to do because most of the time you’ve noticed the participants were young. Maybe the reason children are generally so happy and carefree is because they allow the magic of gaudy crafts, costumes, and playtime to consume their reality.

I will keep you updated on my Autumn Activities as they progress, and I hope you’ll stick around to tell me about yours.

PS – Bug wishes you a happy season