I believe creativity is a huge part of the process, journey, and concept of self-love. In fact, it’s one of my 10 Commandments of Self-Love and my blog’s tag line is “Where Self-Love Meets Creativity”! Creativity is something that saved me when I needed help, and I truly believe we are all creative and it can be helpful to us all. (Remember there are at least eight types of creative intelligences, it’s not restricted to fine arts, which I, myself, do not excel at.)

I’ve always believed it’s more important to get out there and just create something than what the final product looks like. I was in my early 20’s before I ever truly tried my hand at painting, and they were definitely not masterpieces, but I loved the process. And I was proud of them because I made them! Someone who really preaches this concept in her daily life is Caylee Grey, the co-founder of Get Messy, an art journaling group. She reminds us all to get messy as much as possible (ideally daily), and to “make shit art” over and over again. I love that concept! So inspired by her, and per the request of an Uncustomary Babe who asked me for a list of 50 ways to make a mess, here comes this blog post, with ideas for you to create without the worry of the final product and really focus on the process (which in this case is getting messy).

50 Ways To Make A Mess | Uncustomary

50 Ways To Make A Mess

1. Slide, play, wrestle in the mud when in starts to rain
2. Cook without utensils and only your hands
3. Send a confetti bomb in the mail
4. Throw colored powder on each other, Color Run style
5. Fill up balloons with paint, pin them to a wall, and throw darts at them
6. Splash in puddles
7. Make a self-portrait with finger paints
8. Host a game show in your living room where contestants smash eggs on their heads (not knowing if they’re hard boiled or raw)
9. Pour food dye in icing cups and have a food fight inspired by the Lost Boys in Hook
10. Make your own slime
11. Cover your hand in glitter glue and try to peel it off in one piece
12. Make an elaborate fort tunneling system all over your house/dorm/apartment complex and leave it up
13. Run in the ocean, then immediately have someone bury you in sand and turn you into a mermaid
14. Wrap your feet in bubble wrap, dip them in paint, and stomp around on posterboards that cover the floor
15. Let a child do your make-up
16. Dye spaghetti and throw it at the wall to see if it sticks
17. Fill up a water gun with paint and squirt it at paper or bodies
18. Glue a bunch of almost completely used crayons (sans wrapper) to a poster and use a hair dryer and melt them down into a rainbow
19. Cover your butt (or any part of your body in glitter)
20. Fill pillow cases with flour, feathers, or something else that will fly and have a pillow fight
21. Prank your roommate and fill their drawers with (biodegradable) packing peanuts
22. Cut out one million paper snowflakes and make as many garlands as it takes to cover all of your ceiling space (leave the cut out pieces on the ground)
23. Write a message with shaving cream on the mirror
24. Wrestle in jello
25. Play Messy Twister (put corresponding paint on each of the dots)

50 Ways To Make A Mess | Uncustomary

26. Have a silly string battle
27. Fill the bathtub with a full oceanic scene for someone to find
28. Cover your legs/body in paint, roll around on posters, and turn those posters into postcards that you mail around the world
29. Fill up an entire room with balloons
30. Make an elaborate mural on a wall using post-it notes
31. Make a ball pit in a room (but use the actual walls of the room as the perimeter/container for the ball pit)
32. Write a nice message on a window for passersby to read using lipstick
33. Set up a slip’n’slide and fill the pool at the end with jam
34. Have a dinner party where guests can only use their hands as utensils
35. Take a bath in pudding
36. Hold a mock trial where the guilty party has to be tarred and feathered (Elmer’s glue and craft feathers)
37. Use whipped cream to style your hair instead of mousse
38. Cover your body in small mirrors (using adhesive dots) to turn yourself into a human disco ball
39. Write a love note with ketchup
40. Get someone a very small present but wrap it in a box inside a bigger box inside a bigger box so there’s boxes and wrapping paper all over the room when they’ve finally unwrapped it
41. Completely “American Beauty” style cover a bed with flower petals, but like so you can’t even tell it’s a bed anymore
42. Instead of cleaning your kitchen or bathroom, stage an elaborate mock construction site to avoid cleaning it (hard hats only)
43. Tape the ends of party streamers to top of your stairs and let them roll down like slinkies
44. Turn confetti, glitter, sequins, anything shiny on the tops of a ceiling fan and wait for it to get turned on
45. Put too much detergent in the washing machine and have a soapy party like in every 90’s party movie ever
46. Wrap all the electronics and appliances in the house like presents (bows and all)
47. Bring a non-Pine tree in the house not in December and say you’re celebrating Christmas early
48. Jump onto a pile of nicely raked leaves
49. Make a trail of rocks from one random location to another, but make it extremely long
50. Have a chugging contest in the park with brightly colored drinks while wearing brand new white shirts

How do you like to make a mess?

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First Photo: Maura Housley