Shit happens. A lot. To all of us. No matter how good we’re doing, who we are, where we live, how much money we make, what our relationship status is, or anything else… shit happens. And sometimes it seems to happen all at once. In fact, that’s probably when we really need cheering up the most because most of us can handle one blow at a time. But when things start to pile up, we start to lose our ability to cope, and it starts to suck. It’s harder to even fake a smile, let alone actually feel a genuine one come on.

It’s important to be there for the people we love when shit hits the fan for them. Not only because we love them, but because — let’s face it — we want them to be there for us when we need it too! We give and take, and there’s nothing wrong with receiving help as long as you’re giving it, too. As far as giving it, I wanted to provide you with a resource for how to potentially cheer someone up who might be sad, sick, or stressed out among one of the hundreds of other things us humans feel that require cheering up in response to. I hope it helps, and if you have any other ideas, please share!

50 Ways To Cheer Someone Up | Uncustomary

50 Ways To Cheer Someone Up

1. Ask consent if your friend wants to be cheered up; sometimes people really just need time to be alone and the best gift you can give them is space and the knowledge you’ll be there when they’re ready
2. Remind them every day of unusual holidays to celebrate, celebrity birthdays, new YouTube videos, and other fun topical things
3. Write a list of reasons you love/appreciate them
4. Read them poetry in a series of terrible accents
5. Offer specific services you can do for them, not just “I’m here for you”; say things you’re able to help them with like babysitting, grocery shopping, or driving them places so they know exactly what they can ask you for
6. Kidnap them and force them to play hooky for a day with a bunch of fun activities planned based on their interests
7. Pick an activity they enjoy doing, but typically would do indoors, and arrange for them to comfortably do it outside for a fun change of pace and scenery
8. Get them a new book, DVD, journal, blanket, sex toy, or give them a FTVGirls discount for them to use
9. Leave notes, gifts, or decorations on their car
10. Go with them to a yoga or meditation class to practice mindfulness
11. Schedule texts, e-mails, and/or social media posts to send every hour with cute images of baby animals
12. Encourage them to make a list of the good things going on in their life despite all the bad and take a moment to practice gratitude; write a gratitude list together
13. Take them to some live entertainment like a play, musical, comedy show, opera, ballet, etc.
14. Organize/clean something for them to take it off their hands and make their mind/life feel less cluttered
15. Hire an ice cream truck to park in front of their house
16. Find out when they’ll be gone, get access to their house, and decorate their bedroom with balloons, garlands, flowers, decorations, and other things they like to create an atmosphere they can’t help but smile at
17. Sit and listen to them, let them vent, ask if they want advice and if so provide positive reinforcement and solutions, ask open ended questions
18. Make them a mix CD/playlist of upbeat songs in their favorite genre
19. Pull a kindness prank to bring a smile to their face
20. Plan a really fun, no-pressure, night in with delicious food, wine, movies, face masks, board games, and whatever else they’re into
21. Arrange for their favorite person to visit from out of town as a surprise (or be that person and jump on a bus/train/plane to go see them in person!)
22. Bring over an assortment of headwear (hats, crowns, headbands, hair clips, wigs, etc.) for them to choose from and make a rule that you have to switch your accessory every twenty-five minutes
23. Have food delivered to their house, work, or take them out to eat to their favorite restaurant and pick up the check
24. Offer physical touch in the form of hugs, hand holding, cuddling, massages/back rubs/foot rubs, sex, etc.; whatever is appropriate or wanted by both parties
25. Offer to be the photographer for them in whatever kind of photoshoot they want to have

50 Ways To Cheer Someone Up | Uncustomary

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26. Fill a giant box with helium-filled balloons (and tie it to a weight so they don’t float away) and leave it on their doorstep, so when they open the box the balloons burst out
27. Hire a singing telegram, mariachi band, singing cowboy or someone else silly to sing something fun at their home or work
28. Build them an amazing fort, complete with twinkle lights of course
29. Prepare them a decadent hot bath with bubbles, candles, toys, the works
30. Send a mystery gift in the mail without signing your name, but still let them know they’re appreciated and cared for
31. Take them to a park, botanical garden, beach, anywhere outdoors/in nature to get them connected — and no cell phones!
32. Build a time capsule to open together in five, ten, or however many years
33. Treat them to something they’d enjoy like a pedicure, a movie at the theater, a trip to a museum, etc. and get them out of the house to distract them
34. Take them out and surprise them by performing at karaoke to their favorite song
35. Take a walk down nostalgia lane (if appropriate!) by sending them old pictures or even making them a scrapbook and reminding them of fond memories you’ve created
36. Draw/paint/collage a picture of them
37. Have flowers delivered to their door (or do it yourself and leave it on their doorstep so they don’t have to interact with people)
38. Get some furry friends in on the action; if there aren’t any pets available, head over to a nearby pet store and snuggle up with some cuddly cuties
39. Proclaim your never-ending love for them on social media
40. Get a bunch of cheap dishes from the thrift store and create a safe space for your friend to break a bunch of them to release pent up aggression
41. Send away for something to be signed by their favorite artist, author, musician, etc. for an amazing and unique gift
42. Make up a cocktail or a sandwich and name it after them
43. Record a video of yourself doing something completely ridiculous and send it to them (bonus points for involving costumes, strangers, and dancing)
44. Make them a self-care emergency kit and encourage they practice self-care even in their dark spots
45. Watch the documentary “Happy”
46. Leave positive notes, quotes, cute drawings, etc. on sticky notes in hidden places all over their house for them to find
47. Send them a postcard every day for a week
48. Surround them with yellow to promote optimism and happiness
49. Read them groan-worthy puns until they can’t help but giggle
50. Tell them a funny secret about you they didn’t know before


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Do you have any other ideas for how to cheer people up? Please share them below!

Photos by: Maura Housley