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Self care is a hugely important way to practice self-love. In fact, it’s one of the more actionable ways to begin incorporating self love into your life. Self-care is about taking care of your mind, body, and overall spirit and essence. There are many ways to do this!

If you’re interested in beginning self-care, I made you a list of 50 ways to start, just in time for the new year! Start this year off on the right foot, by putting your personal needs first! Make loving and nurturing yourself your number one priority, and your additional goals and dreams will be easier to accomplish and fall into place!

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50 Ways To Practice Self-Care

  1. Put your own needs first– being selfish sometimes is okay!
  2. Find a therapist you get along with and explore your feelings with them
  3. Take yourself out on a date doing something you’ve always wanted to try
  4. Sit under a mood or “happy” lamp
  5. Turn your phone and other electronics off, freeing yourself of obligation and obsession
  6. Treat yourself to a spa treatment, as simple as a pedicure
  7. Have Naked Time
  8. Do things that make you laugh, or try Laughter Yoga
  9. Take a bubble bath with a book, bath bomb, essential oils, candles, music, and/or toys
  10. Stop saying sorry when you don’t need to
  11. Treat yourself to a nap
  12. Make a list of the things that your body miraculously does every day on its own
  13. Get a massage or practice self massage
  14. Get your body moving in a fun way, like dancing or hula hooping
  15. Take a B-12 Vitamin
  16. Buy yourself a new sex toy and use it
  17. Spend quality time with a cute, cuddly animal
  18. Make a delicious salad that leaves you full
  19. Change your hair, make-up, wardrobe, and/or home decor to reflect your current mood and mindset
  20. Actually take your lunch break– leave the building!
  21. Keep a running list of nice things that people say to you
  22. Create a morning ritual that you stick to, starting each day on the right foot
  23. Cut back on caffeine and refined sugars, especially later in the day
  24. Allow yourself to remove or let go of the negative/draining people in your life
  25. Listen to my self love playlist
  26. Participate in a drum circle
  27. Go to an event you want to go to, even if your friends don’t want to go with you
  28. Sunbathe, soaking up some Vitamin D
  29. Cuddle with someone you love and trust, get that Oxytocin neurotransmitter flowing!
  30. Search for beautiful things, and make a verbal note of them as you go about your day
  31. Pick up and move, quit your job, and/or break up a toxic relationship– give yourself permission to leave miserable situations you don’t need to “stick out”
  32. Keep a happy journal
  33. Spend time outside, be it in the depths of a forest, a sandy beach, or your backyard
  34. Practice deep breathing, getting way more oxygen to your brain and blood
  35. Make time to touch your skin, cover yourself in moisturizing lotion or essential oils once a day
  36. Keep good-smelling things around your home, like candles, aromatherapy, incense, etc.
  37. Consistently search for new music and have good playlists for specific moods on your phone, iPod, or in your CD collection– listening to the radio can be a cop out, take control of your listening pleasure!
  38. Blow off steam in a healthy way– it’s okay to cuss, sigh, scream, and cry
  39. Allow yourself to rest and/or do something mindless like vegging with Netflix, reading trashy magazines, or just staying in bed all day
  40. Make sure you’re drinking a ton of water, maybe get yourself a new cute water bottle that will encourage you to drink more throughout the day
  41. Watch cute, funny, and heartwarming YouTube videos that will make you feel happy
  42. Get out of town for a bit if you can, plan a weekend trip or just a day trip to completey shake things up
  43. Declutter your home and workspace and try incorporating the practice of feng shui into your home decor
  44. Say no to things you don’t want to do, including feeling guilty about saying no!
  45. Prioritize sleep– 7 or 8 hours will make a huge different from 4 to 6
  46. Try chanting, it can be a positive affirmation you create, a mantra you read online, or just a simple “Om”
  47. Create something just for fun; it could be a craft, a short story, some choreography, a fancy outfit, crazy make-up, a painting, an installation, a party, a playlist, a new game, a letter, etc.
  48. Delete people on social media who you don’t like, stress you out, or emotionally drain you– you don’t owe anyone anything!
  49. Eat nutritious foods, for real– it makes a giant difference
  50. Stop holding your pee– go to the bathroom!!

Another great idea is to make yourself a self care kit for emergencies or consistent use!

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Okay, what did I miss? How do you practice self care?

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