Honk If You Believe In Magic

Continuing on with the Honk If You… series, I’ve got a “Honk If You Believe In Magic” sign to share with you! For this one, I stood at Cross Street Market in Federal Hill. It was a weekend, and there was plenty of foot traffic and cars, but barely any cars honked! To be honest, every […]

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Honk If You Love Yourself

Continuing on with the Honk If You… series, I’ve got a “Honk If You Love Yourself” sign to share with you! I stood outside the Patterson / Creative Alliance on Eastern Avenue in the Highlandtown neighborhood of Baltimore and reveled in how many cars honked. It’s never not fun to get a honk or a wave. […]

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Black And White Movie Character Costume

I was totally obsessed with Alexa Meade‘s art piece, “One Surreal Day“, where she beautifully painted two people in black, white, and grey and then photographed them in front of colorful murals and landscapes. She’s an amazing artist, and I never expected to look anything like her, but I started Googling “black and white costumes” […]

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Honk If You’re Having A Good Day

Guess what? Since you babes liked my “Honk If You Love Color” post so much, I’ve decided to make it a regular series! I have lots of ideas for signs to hold up on the side of the road, but suggestions are definitely welcome! This time, I stood on the side of the road in […]

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