2017 Accomplishments

It’s so important to make sure we take time to pause and reflect on the things we were lucky enough to experience and get done, even if they weren’t things that were originally on our goal list this year. Maybe things came up that were tough that we had to conquer and we got through […]

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2017 Goals

Okay! Let’s talk goals! I’m a firm believer that you’re more likely to accomplish something if you wake up on a random weekday in August with the gumption and drive to get that shit done than making a resolution just because it’s January 1st and you’re ‘supposed’ to. Remember you’re not required to do anything […]

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I pulled up to my house the same time the FedEx truck did. He paused and I yelled, “812?!” excitedly over the loud motor. He nodded and handed me the package I knew had to be the advanced copy of my book. I turned on Periscope and started recording. In the video (which I’ve screen […]

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New Year, New You

As I mentioned, I totally get why people don’t like New Year’s Resolutions, but that doesn’t mean I don’t make them or believe they have the power to work! You can change and improve your life at any point, and if now is when you want to do that, I say GO! DO! We’re on […]

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