My Top 5 Lists Of 2023


+ Got out from under a toxic landlord
+ Published many new products (deck, stickers, digital programs)
+ Lost 70 pounds
+ Hired Francine + Aquib
+ Remembered why I want to be in business/make merriment

Music Artists

+ Biffy Clyro
+ Durry
+ Noah Kahan
+ Petey
+ Carbon Leaf


+ “Who’s Laughing Now?” – Durry
+ ” Training Montage” – The Mountain Goats
+ “Drive” – Valerie Broussard
+ “Woo Woo” – Biffy Clyro
+ “Keep On Movin'” – Five, Steve Mac

TV Shows

+ Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
+ Mad Men
+ Insecure
+ Entourage
+ Good Girls Revolt


+ The Mask
+ The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy
+ Dead Poets Society
+ Spirited
+ The Invention Of Lying

Stand Up Specials

+ Mike Birbiglia – The Old Man + The Pool
+ Bert Kreischer – Secret Time
+ Tom Segura – Sledgehammer
+ Kathleen Madigan – Hunting Big Foot
+ Dane Cook – Vicious Circle

Comedians I Saw Live

+ Pete Holmes
+ John Mulaney
+ Bert Kreischer
+ Neal Brennan
+ Myq Kaplan


+ The Creative Act – Rick Rubin
+ The Power Of Fun – Catherine Price
+ We Should All Be Millionaires – Rachel Rodgers
+ 10X – Grant Cardone
+ Busting Loose From The Money Game – Robert Scheinfeld


+ You Made It Weird
+ It’s Always Sunny
+ Roxy Talks
+ Armchair Expert
+ Bertcast

New Experiences

+ Moving a full house
+ Flew business class
+ Having a team of people for my business
+ Getting thousands of dollars from one client
+ Hosted laughter workshops


+ O Mansion
+ Party store in LA
+ My bedroom
+ Arlington Cinema + Drafthouse
+ The restaurant we ate at on my birthday in DC


+ Bubble Parade
+ Vortex Fest
+ Merriment Video
+ Big duck festival
+ Mayor’s Day Parade

Projects I Made

+ Good News Texts
+ John Mulaney mail
+ Banana scene on street
+ Feel good to do good stickers
+ Tempera paint posters

Things I Did For My Body

+ Ozempic
+ Moving houses
+ Took the TV out of my bedroom
+ Dermatologist shampoo
+ Getting my nails and toes done regularly


+ Couch
+ Water cooler in the house
+ Slippers
+ Swig water bottles
+ Vintage hats

Small Moments

+ Seeing April’s secret room
+ Saying poetry in my new bedroom
+ When my mom told me she’s never been this proud of me
+ When the kids said they wanted to check my board, and realizing this is something I’m going to be known for in this neighborhood now

Gifts I Received

+ Jacket from Setty
+ Felted duck from Janice
+ Mary book from Matt
+ Tech equipment from Dan
+ Inheritance from Grandma

External Discoveries

+ Everything fundamental/stringent isn’t for me
+ Working consistently for long enough creates luck and results
+ Being born in a developed nation is a deep privilege
+ The world has acknowledged ducks are hot
+ Notion

Self Discoveries

+ My job is to showcase the good in the world, even if I’m not directly creating it
+ I was treating my business like a hobby and I need to start over
+ I have been way too selfish and self-involved
+ I’ve seen very little of the world
+ I can’t do this all myself

The Merry New Year Plan is a workbook ready to walk you through what did and didn’t work in the past, and will set you up for the future!

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