I missed doing my Top 5 Things List last year because I didn’t feel like creating a video, and that’s usually part of this post. Honestly, this year I don’t feel like a video either, but that doesn’t mean this part of the tradition needs to suffer. I feel better when I recap and reflect, because it’s easier to move forward. AND I MADE A VIDEO!

Truly, last year I didn’t do much of that. Like many of us, I kind of slid into 2021 and it immediately felt like 2020 2.0. The outside world and my personal life came crashing down around me in a very short period at the beginning of 2021, and the fact that I’m here writing this post is accomplishment enough.

I believe I would have had a difficult time with the things I had a difficult time with regardless, but I also believe my decision to be lazy and not recap 2020 with gratitude and understanding as well as make clear goals and visions for 2021 created a space of ambiguity for me this year. I don’t want to repeat that.

I’m here to denounce stagnation with my word for the year 2022 – CONSISTENCY.

That might feel antithetical, but I have realized nothing happens without persistence and consistency. I have spent most of my life believing enthusiasm is better than everything else and will get you where you want to go. But the reality is, it only gets you so far. If you don’t have a plan and show up regularly, the goals will stay goals for longer than you feel comfortable admitting.

Daily progress is where it’s at. Showing up over and over again, even when it feels like nothing is happening. Not just only putting moods and vague fun things on a vision board, but very specifically where/who you want to be so you know not only know what to put on your to do list every day, but you feel inspired to bother with it because it’s going to feel annoying.

I’m going into 2022 fully knowing the goals I have are more stable ones that part of me thinks are “boring”. My goal is to bring Merriment to goals I’ve stigmatized as “boring“. How can being financially secure and healthy in a home you love be fun? That is, the process of getting there, how can that be fun?

Well, I’m about to do my very best to show you. Stay tuned and follow me in 2022. You can jump on my newsletter list and follow me on Instagram!

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Top 5 Things About 2021 | Uncustomary

Uncustomary’s Top 5 Things Lists For 2021

TV Shows

1. Ted Lasso
2. The Bold Type
3. A.P. Bio
4. I Think You Should Leave
5. Crashing


1. Gala Loves Everything
2. Big Creatrix Energy
3. SimplyBe.
4. HolyF*ck
5. The Always Sunny Podcast


1. Dumplin’
2. How To Get Over A Break-Up
3. Homecoming
4. Curly Sue
5. How Do You Know

Stand Up Specials

1. Russell Howard – Lubricant
2. Pete Holmes – Dirty Clean
3. Robin Williams – Live On Broadway
4. Andrew Santino – Home Field Advantage
5. Neal Brennan – Women And Black Dudes

Musical Artists

1. Our Lady Peace
2. Hilary Duff
3. Nahko And Medicine For The People
4. The Menzingers
5. Machine Gun Kelly


1. “Younger Now” – Miley Cyrus
2. “Daisies” – Katy Perry
3. “Bad Habits” – Federal Empire
4. “Hallelujah” – Oh Wonder
5. “Feelings” – Nahko And Medicine For The People


1. Untamed – Glennon Doyle
2. You Are The Guru – Gabrielle Bernstein
3. A Woman’s Worth – Marianne Williamson
4. Comedy Sex God – Pete Holmes
5. Be. – Jessica Zweig


1. rECHOllection
2. Selfie Museum with April
3. Cicada Parade-a
4. Vortex Fest
5. Charlotte’s Art Installation

Gifts Received

1. Love letter from Matt
2. Tarot reading/cleansing from Liz
3. Box of blue candy from Janice
4. Hand drawn duck from Lola
5. Streamers from Vegas from Gizmo and April


1. Solar outdoor lights
2. Moon painting
3. PO Box
4. Turntables for organization
5. iPhone

Things I Did For My Home

1. Foam mattress/headboard
2. Shelves in the laundry room
3. Comfy office chair
4. Air purifier
5. Stronger shower head

‘Small’ Moments

1. The ladybug landing on my nightstand
2. Decorating Matt’s old room with paper stars
3. A cat with its head out of a car window
4. “The Dude” and his car in a parking lot
5. ET dog in a bike basket at night

New Experiences

1. Luxardo cherry
2. My whole family under one roof
3. Driving a boat
4. Riding in a duck shaped paddle boat
5. Betting on black jack at a casino

External Discoveries

1. Hermit crabs line up to trade shells
2. A lavender farm
3. Cancel culture is the antithesis of empathy
4. A binder I made for NSync when I was a kid
5. Consistency is the key to the next level


1. Physical therapy/not giving up on injuries
2. Writing half my new book
3. Went off four medications and completed TMS Treatment
4. Restarting my podcast and revamping my membership group
5. Published my own stickers


1. I can be quiet and effective
2. Guerrilla art and mail are what really matter to me
3. I am The Sun Tarot Card
5. I need to go outside the house every day

What about you? What did you love about this year or learn about life and yourself? Share below!

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