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As we grow older, we learn things. We experience everything from orgasms to intoxication to the death of a loved one. Some of these experiences are more general and long-lasting, like the impact society has on us. Maybe you don’t think about that, or maybe you feel like you’re immune to the media, advertisements, and opinions of other people. But what if I asked you one question:

What would you change about your body?

Think about it for no more than ten seconds. What’s your answer? Is it your belly fat, (lack of) thigh gap, or boob size? Is it your body hair, acne, or eye shape? What did you think of?

Now let me ask you how long you’ve disliked that part of your body and why. Is it because of something someone said to you? Is it because it doesn’t match what you see on other people be it celebrities or people in your city? Has it been something you’ve wanted to change since birth?

The Jubilee Project asked fifty people the same question I just asked you. The only thing is, half of them were adults and half were kids. Go ahead and watch this video real quick.

Did you even think about that question like the kids did? I hope so. I really really hope so. My entire body and being hopes that when you read that question to yourself you thought about making your skin polka dotted or giving yourself a unicorn horn, but the unfortunate reality is that the majority of you didn’t. You went to that place of insecurity and thought of something “imperfect” about yourself.

This video is proof that we aren’t born hating our bodies. In fact, we love them initially. They’re the thing that lets us see colors and dance around our room in our underwear. Our bodies let us kiss our crush and knit scarves as gifts. That vessel you walk around in gives you the opportunity to laugh till your face and stomach hurt, and that’s pretty fucking cool.

So take a lesson from the kid-version of yourself, babe. Remember why your body is awesome and just love it. Love yourself, forever. That shit should be unconditional. Self love, baby!

PS – I would like to clarify that it’s actually completely okay to experience gender dysphoria. If your answer to this question is “I’d be a man/woman”, that’s actually great. I support gender identification regardless of sex organs, and that’s not in any way what this post is trying to insinuate. I know you all know what I meant, and I love you. Just accept and love yourselves because you’re god damn gorgeous.

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Photo Credit: Nicky Digital