This was a really fun week! I’m really looking forward to this weekend in San Francisco… that is, if I can get there! They’re calling for a bunch of snow. I just need to get in the air!

I’ve decided to start a weekly photo contest. Basically, every Wednesday, I will let you know what you have to photograph in my Weekly Happiness post. Sometime that day, take a picture and upload it to social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all fine). Be sure to tag me in it, so I definitely see it, and #uncustomaryart. At the end of the day, I will pick my favorite, e-mail you for your snail mail address, and you’ll get a little envelope in the mail from me! It’s pretty simple. (And yes, it’s open to non-US people.)

Today’s challenge is to take a picture of something involving water. Get creative! And without further ado, here is an incomplete list of what’s made me happy this week. Thanks to all of you who were involved.*

+ hanging out with Art Enables‘ beaver mascot
+ finally seeing New Girl (and falling in love with Jess Day)
+ dancing while Charlotte sang “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” at karaoke
+ Mike trying to ease my anxiety by trying to win my a stuffed donut that said “Always” on it from a claw machine

+ taking a nap with my hedgehog
+ the feeling of being able to throw peanut shells on the floor
+ finding the deodorant I thought I lost or left at the store
+ Michelle gifting me an enormous amount of mix CDs and DVDs
+ “Try Not Having Kids” video

+ going to open “Mike” night
+ the bar attempting to do Russian Kicks, then singing along to “Jumper”
+ how it’s much more likely that McDonald’s employees will sing into the drive-thru mic after midnight
+ meeting lots of new people
+ actually reading this on a dating site
+ Russell Brand on heroin, abstinence, and addiction

+ beautiful felt hearts at Ted’s Bulletin in DC
+ ordering tots, even though they weren’t on the menu
+ the most delicious raspberry creme milkshake I’ve ever had
+ listening to Alanis in a Benz
+ glitter exploding in my suitcase
+ documenting my dialogue at dinner

+ foot pic with ladies at the Fun A Day show
+ selling some of my garlands
+ my dad leaving a “con-cat-ulations” card in my car
+ hanging out at the Belgian Bar, but none of us ordering anything
+ finally drinking water after feeling so dehydrated

+ beautiful sunset as I was entering DC
+ celebrating Wear Red Day
+ the two Valentines Workshops going really well
+ being voted least likely to grow up during a game of True Colors
+ the term “nipple derailment”
+ silly Vines

+ this man’s feather fascinator
+ my signing skills coming in handy
+ 7-11 junk food at 2 am
+ Michelle’s positivity list/zine
+ making valentines for my friends
+ high school pop punk

+ going to Independent Circus Practice again and juggling with three balls!
+ Regina’s leg warmers she made out of a thrift store blanket
+ discussing my thoughts on the world with Jason
+ getting really excited for San Francisco
+ finding a new blog: Now That’s Pretty

What’s on your happy list this week?

[* Michelle, Mike, Charlotte, April, Elizabeth, Nick, Ashley, Sara, Juli, Cristen, Melissa, Meigh, Christina, Munchel, Kate, Eric, Shannon, Beth, Janice, Tom, Brad, Blaise, Jason, Allison, Leah, Eduardo, Anthony, Selena, Ally, Sandy, Bonnie, all the workshop participants, and Art Enables’ staff*]