Earlier, I texted Michelle about how it was everything I could do not to cry about how I feel about humanity right now. And she responded back with, “Cry.” And that’s what I’m going to do.

It’s February, and along with Valentine’s Day comes cutesy candy, like conversation hearts. I want to use these chalky candies to represent the need to engage in important discussions about the world. “SUP QT” doesn’t usually initiate a conversation that will change the world, but it could. And now I’m giving it the power to.

It started when I read this post that went viral about Baltimore. I dislike the article, and find it accusatory in an unnecessary way. This is in no way my “response” to Tracey, and I won’t say more than I did in this Facebook status, but as much as I disagree with her stance, it still got me thinking about crime in general. Why do there need to be such acts of violence and immorality? We need to talk about it.

Then, I saw this post: 29 Of The Most Influential Image Of All Time. All of the photographs that are shared on the list are associated with horrible events like war, world hunger, and hate. Sure, some of the photos represent joy from being reunited, but ultimately it’s still relief after experiencing something awful. Why are these the only influential images? Is there nothing positive that can evoke emotion in the masses? We need to talk about it.

I started to think about all the kinds of things that are depicted in these photos. It pains me. Then, I started to feel guilt for how lucky I am. I’m a white American who has never had to worry about where her next meal was coming from. Am I really utilizing the resources of my own status to better the world? Definitely not enough. Are you? We need to talk about it.

As Michelle said, the more people that feel something for the state of the world, the more people will do something about it. Ultimately, my overall persona is optimistic and positive. I may have days like today, where I purposefully don’t apply any eye make-up in case of crying episodes, but my bones tell me to believe in altruism. I’m not in any position to make diplomatic decisions or legal change, but I will continue to boost morale and spirits as much as I can.

“Not everything can be healed with cuddles, I know. I’m not naive. But some day I will get to the point where I can impact the masses, and I’m going to make as many people remember what’s beautiful as I can. Be good to one another.”

Obviously, these are just the beginnings of conversations. But I want to spark some thoughts in your head. What does thinking about this stuff inspire you to do? How does it make you feel? I want to know.

I’m also really into taking suggestions for morale boosting. Maybe it’s something you’d like to see in your own city that I can do here in Baltimore. Maybe you live in Baltimore and have a specific suggestion for me. Maybe there’s something I can do that can reach you, thousands of miles away. I want to do as much as I can, and if you think I can help, please let me know.

[Thanks to my models (Mike, Allison, Leah, & Jason) for posing with my handmade conversation hearts! You guys make me happy, which helps me to make other people happy.]